10 Adorable Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but wouldn’t you rather look at a picture worth a thousand smiles? Personally, nothing can turn my frown upside down like a picture of a baby animal. I’ve even been known to ooh and ahh over an especially delicious-looking plate of French fries or Eggs Benedict. What can I say? I really like cute things!

Luckily, Instagram is for more than humble bragging about your DIY manicure skills or enviously double-tapping your friend’s vacation photos. There are tons of accounts out there that can put a smile on your face even during the worst day ever. Follow these 10 adorable accounts for an instant “awww,” any time you need to feel some warm fuzzies inside! We all have those days, so why not try to make them better?


1. Pearlspigtales

Note the jewelry and the hairstyle: Pearl is the name of the cutest little pig you ever did see. She is an indoor and outdoor pet, so you can see her gallivanting in the grass and curled up in blankets and pillows. Oink!


2. 2sisters_angie

I wish I was as stylish and creative – not to mention cute – as five-year-old Mayhem (don’t worry, that’s just a nickname her mom uses). Mayhem designs and creates outfits out of paper and craft supplies that are so on-point I would like someone to create an Etsy store that makes real adult versions of them.

Survivor Mayhem: outdress, outdrama, outdream 😉 #fashionbymayhem

A photo posted by Angie Keiser (@2sisters_angie) on


3. tunameltsmyhearts

Once you accept his underbite and his #shrivelneck, you realize that Tuna is freakin’ cute. His uniqueness adds a whole new level to adorable. I actually stood in line this spring to meet him IRL, and he is one of the calmest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever had the privilege to encounter!


4. mommasgonecity

A beautiful dog AND cute kids? @mommasgonecity posts photos of her family participating in various shenanigans, but she especially focuses on nap time. Far from boring, the pictures of the family dog sleeping curled up with the kids are enough to make even the most hard-hearted go, “Awwww.”

collective sigh #theoandbeau #theoandevvie

A photo posted by Jessica Shyba (@mommasgonecity) on


5. pugstagram

Pugs are all over the Internet these days, and @pugstagram curates the cutest ones into one adorable account. You will see them playing, sleeping, dressed up, getting haircuts, wearing sunglasses, and generally being a loveable breed of dog.


A photo posted by Pug Lovers Welcome! (@pugstagram) on


6. ministylehacker

I started dressing myself at a very young age, but if my mother had put me in outfits as awesome as the ones Collette puts on her sons, I wouldn’t have put up such a fuss about it. The coolest part is when Collette recreates a designer look (often found on celebrities) using budget pieces. Adorable and financially responsible!

@joemanganiello hack #ministylehacker #joemanganiello #hacked #trueblood

A photo posted by Collette Wixom (@ministylehacker) on


7. ralphthecorgi

My heart will always have a soft spot for corgis because of my childhood dog, but you didn’t need to have a corgi to appreciate Ralph. Ralph is joined by his equally adorable siblings: George, an older corgi, and a human baby brother. Cute happens every day, but I especially enjoy the puppy pictures posted for #tbt!

#TakeoverByGeorge: I can has? #ImSoHungry #PleaseTakePityOnMe #CorgiBroham #TwoDogsAndABaby #ABoyAndHisDog #RalphAndGeorge

A photo posted by Ralph the Corgi (@ralphthecorgi) on


8. symmetrybreakfast

You may be thinking, “How can food be adorable?” but trust me, @symmetrybreakfast makes it happen. Every morning, the Londoner posts the ridiculously delicious looking breakfasts he makes for himself and his partner. The meals always match as nearly identical, hence the “symmetry” name. Just be warned, it’ll make you feel pretty disappointed in your bowl of cereal.


9. happsters

@happsters makes me feel all warm and fuzzy with inspiration, and really what’s more adorable than that?

Keep growing and flowing via @chalkproject

A photo posted by Happy Quotes & Inspiration (@happsters) on


10. hotdudesreading

What’s cuter than a boy with his nose in a book? Okay—the photos of shirtless boys with their noses in books. But may I suggest nixing the #NoKindles rule? I love the feel of a paperback in my hands, but e-readers are so much easier/safer to hold on the subway!

Which of these Instagram accounts is your favorite? What do you already follow? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!

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