7 Inappropriate ‘Clueless’ Moments That Totally Went Over Your Head As A Kid

Y’all, Clueless turns 20 this week! I first watched Clueless at a childhood friend’s house. Her mom was doing our hair as we sat cross legged on the floor, seven years old and feeling mature AF–I mean, we were watching a teen movie. When you’re young, nothing is more rebellious than watching something rated PG-13 (except for, maybe, something rated R). I remember thinking that Cher, Dionne, and Tai looked so majestic on the VHS cover, exuding an effortless coolness that I envied. As the movie played out in front of me, I remember enjoying it. But did I understand it? Pfft, not really.

Thankfully, this movie played enough times on TV before I finally caved and bought it on DVD in college, so I finally understood it more as I aged. But still, with every viewing I’d catch something that I never notice before. Usually, these epiphanies came in the form of dirty jokes or pop culture references that I just went woosh, right over my head. Admit it, you were totally in the same boat. Or, there are still inappropriate moments in this movie that you’re still–sorry–clueless about. Here are seven about sex, drugs, and violence that totally made (or will make) you go, “Oooooooh…

1. Comparing Murray and Dionne to Ike and Tina Turner

clueless ike and tina turner movie reference

Unless you know a thing or two about pop culture, you might not know what the hell this is referring to. Well, it’s referencing the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It. It’s based on Tina Turner’s life story and includes dramatizations of the violent abuse she experienced when when she was with her ex husband, Ike Turner. Dionne and Murray are dysfunctional, but abusive? Yikes.


2. Tai wanting an “herbal refreshment.”


Tai ain’t talking about a salad, y’all. She’s definitely talking about pot. That one went right over my head along with Cher and Dionne’s.

Oh, and her shock that there was coke available at her new high school was also amazing.


Cher and Dionne think she means the soda. Uh, that’s not the kind of coke Tai had in mind.


3. Amber’s balls filled social life.

clueless amber balls fly at my nose

clueless amber balls fly at my nose quote dionne

Honestly, I always thought that this just meant that people love to aggressively throw balls at Amber. But…Dionne probably means balls as in a testicles. Welp!


4. Whatchu bakin, Cher?

clueless cher tai pot baked

Innocent little me often saw the more sanitized TV-cut of Clueless on cable. So when I didn’t…I was surprised that I was witnessing a very stoned Cher Horowitz saying, “I’m so baked.”


5. Am I the only one who didn’t get the sterilization thing?

clueless sterilization

By now you should probably know that Josh was being a total ahole and encouraging Cher to have a medical procedure that will prevent her from ever having children. All for the good of humanity. Josh really had his ruthless jerk moments. Only Paul Rudd’s acting could make him likable, seriously.


6. Best word for a virgin ever…that you didn’t know was about virgins.


I mean, I sure as hell didn’t know what a hymen was when I was eight. Did you?


7. Vintage soft-core dude porn.

spartacus clueless

Nothing is inappropriate about being gay, but many references to Christian being a gay dude were subtle…including his liking for the ultra homoerotic movie, Spartacus. Oh, Cher. If only you knew before embarrassing yourself and flying off the bed.


What other inappropriate moments are scattered throughout Clueless? Is this or is this not the best teen movie of the 90s? (Hint: It is). Tell us in the comments!

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