8 Studying Mistakes You Need To Avoid In College

Studying is hard. And, if you’re anything like me, you are of the weirdly misguided belief that once you finish high school, you don’t actually have to study anymore because college is a breeze and your GPA doesn’t matter and all you have to do once you get there, really, is have a good time.

I don’t know how this myth got started, but I am here to put it to rest. Sure, studying is not the*~sexiest~* thing about college (if you’re heading to college soon, “study techniques” are probably not at the forefront of your list of priorities) but studying is, in fact, very important in college. Here are 8 mistakes you’ll make (and how you can bust them!):

Thinking That Studying Isn't Important

Like I said before, just get rid of that errant thought telling you that studying doesn't actually matter in college. Banish it! Your freshman GPA will either be the best thing or worst thing that has ever happened to you, so make sure you make it good! Image source: thefw.com

Bringing Your Laptop To Class

Unless your professor requires you to use a certain computer program for class or something, always opt to take your notes with a pen and paper. You'll remember things better that way because actually writing things down is much more effective than just typing. Plus, you won't have the constant temptation to check your Facebook all the time. Image source: iStock

Making Your Hookup Buddy Your Study Buddy

It SEEMS super convenient at the time--that guy in your Intro to Philosophy class is super cute AND he wants to start a "study group" with you. But don't do it--you'll be distracted and if things go sour between you two, you won't have anyone to study with anymore. Image source: iStock

Studying Exclusively In Your Dorm Room

The first semester of my freshman year, I was TERRIFIED of the library and literally refused to study anywhere except for my bed. Unsurprisingly, this did not go so well for me, as every time I tried to study I just fell asleep. Try to switch up your location! It doesn't have to be the library--find a local coffee shop or even an unused classroom. You'll be amazed at what a change of scenery can do for you. Image source: iStock

Treating Your Textbooks Like A Coloring Book

Highlighting is cool and great. Just make sure you aren't focusing more on the color scheme in the textbook than actually reading what's in it. Image source: iStock

Reading But Not ACTUALLY Reading

This is so easy to do! You open the textbook, stare at it, turn pages, etc. From the outside, everything looks great, but if someone asks you what you just read, you have no way of telling them. A good way to beat this is by breaking up the reading into smaller sections--it might take a little longer, but you'll be much more inclined to actually pay attention to five sets of ten pages rather than just one 50-page bender. Image source: iStock

Waiting Until The Night Before To Cram For A Test Or Write A Paper

This is a contentious one. I have friends who swear that the only way for them to write a good paper is to wait until the night before because the adrenaline gets them through. I did this in high school (successfully) and tried to carry the method on into college, which quickly taught me that that was not going to be the way for me to attain collegiate success. So I started planning more (as in, I actually started using a planner), which I found was much more helpful and much less stressful. Image source: iStock

Skipping Class

Yeah, this is tempting. Your parents aren't there to MAKE you go to class, so what's the harm in skipping that 8 AM lecture? But don't do it! Going to class is a great way to earn participation points which can REALLY help to boost your grade. A good way to motivate yourself to go to class, if you need one, is to figure out how much each individual class costs. College is expensive! Image source: chicagogenie.com

Are you going to college? In college now? What study tips would you give? Let us know in the comments below!

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