13 Earrings That Weird Girls Will Want To Wear Every Day

My taste in earrings has always been over the top. I want people to notice them, after all, so why wear a lil stud when I can wear my Russian nesting doll earrings? Or my earrings made of preserved orange slices. Or my ultra chunky ’80s earrings that I snagged from a thrift store?

Hey, it’s fair enough to be into earrings that are a little more on the casual side, or earrings that are light, airy, and delicate. But if you’re more like me and want to wear earrings that are offbeat, weird, and an automatic outfit improver, check out these 13 weird earrings that you’ll want to rock everyday.

Weird Baby Earrings

These earrings are so wacky but...I really, really want them, and I don't care how weird it is. If you're feeling the same way, now you know that you're not alone. These earrings are an instant conversation starter, but be prepared for people to give you some side-eye. Whatever.

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Kill Star Pentagram Hoop Earrings

Whether you just really obsessed with The Craft right now or you want to freak out your parents, these earrings are perfect for you right now. Consider pairing with a crop top and high waist skinny jeans or a midi skirt. Throw on some platforms to top it all off. Witchy looks are the best looks.

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Cactus Earrings

You know how every clothing store is into this ethereal dessert goddess in flowy tops and high waist flares look right now? Well, you could rock that or just make it simple by wearing these cactus earrings. Instadesert.

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Eyeball Earrings

How rad are these earrings? They would look absolutely killer with an all black everything or monochrome outfit. Or, just rock them as an accent piece to an ordinary outfit.

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Globe Earrings

These dangling globe earrings are super quirky, but you don't have to be to pull them off. Honestly, if you just feel like your outfit is really boring on day, throw these babies on to liven up your look.

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Thumbtack Pin Stud Earrings

How cool are these? People are probably going to think that you straight up put thumbtacks in your ears, but that's part of the fun of wearing these earrings. You're deffo bound to get some attention, that's for sure. Mix 'n match the colors for some added fun.

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Pink Puff Dangle Earrings

Creating contrast is a great way to make a fun, interesting outfit. For example, these cute puffs would look badass with an outfit that is the opposite of cutesy. Think about it!

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Who's Coming For Breakfast Earrings

Okay, now I want breakfast. These cute breakfast fave earrings are great because they can be worn in neat pairs or mixed together. They're also great because they're bacon and eggs. Let's be real, that's one of the best combos ever.

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Need An Outlet Earring

You won't get electrocuted, thankfully, with these electrical outlet earrings. These earrings would look awesome with dramatic eye makeup like a smokey eye or bright eyeliner. Make your hair elegantly disheveled and work it.

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Cute Pizza Earrings

If you're obsessed with pizza like every other warm blooded human on this plant, these are the earrings for you. They're small but definitely not discreet.

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Magicicada Earrings

Cicadas are pretty gross and SO loud--you'll understand if you live near any--but they made for an awesome chunky earring. These look awesome with a look that is a little preppy with a major quirky edge.

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Suzywan Deluxe Spaced Out Irridescent Earrings

Aliens are perpetually rad, you guys. Show 'em some love with these cool earrings. Make sure to wear your hair up so everyone can see them!

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Kill Star Luna Earrings

Celestial AF. These earrings would look great paired with a holographic outfit. Or, rock them as dark accent piece to jewel toned clothes, like electric blue, jade green, and fuchsia.

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Are you into offbeat earrings or casual earrings? Do you have multiple ear piercings? Tell us in the comments!

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