20 Times Rory And Jess Gave You Serious Relationship Goals

I’ve watched Gilmore Girls four times all the way through and have gone back and forth between my feelings on Rory and Jess. After the third time watching, I realized that Jess was kind of a jerk and coward and wasn’t right for Rory. But then I watched it again and realized Rory was the same exact way, and they are actual soul mates and should be together forever.

I don’t care if you disagree as long as you don’t think Rory should have stayed with Dean.

1. Literally any time they looked at each other:

I mean…

2. Seriously, any time:


3. When they flirted with each other about books:


Their book relationship was so perfect.

4. When Jess brought Rory food and said Luke sent him but really he just wanted to see her:


5. When Rory skipped school to go to New York because Jess didn’t say goodbye:

And they had the best day ever.

6. When they had their first kiss even though Rory was still with Dean:


Welcome home!

7. When Rory and Dean officially broke up so Jess went and broke up with what’s-her-face:



8. When they had sweet moments like this:

I can’t.


All of the PDA.

10. When Jess was a gentleman and gave Rory this umbrella in the diner:


Come on.

11. When they left each other notes in the margins of books they were reading:

I want someone to leave me notes in the margins.

12. When they held hands like this and you never thought hand-holding could be so sexual:


13. When Jess looked up how far Yale was from Stars Hollow:


“You looked it up.”

14. When Jess still called Rory on her graduation day even though he left and couldn’t say anything:


Because he still cared!

15. When Jess came back and said he loved Rory and it was so painful but perfect:


And she still loved him too, but she was too hurt to get back together.

16. When Jess tried to get Rory back and you knew she wanted to be with him but couldn’t:


17. When Jess showed up and had WRITTEN A BOOK and thanked Rory for believing in him:

Oh my god.

18. When Jess told Rory to get her life back together when she was with Logan and bailing on Yale:

Only Jess could have talked sense into her, tbh.

19. When Rory showed up to support Jess at his book release:



20. When they acknowledged that their relationship will always be what it is:

What do you think about Rory and Jess? Who do you think Rory should have ended up with? Tell us in the comments below!
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