13 Female TV Characters You Love Who Actually Suck

I love watching television, especially when there are so many badass female characters to follow like Olivia Pope on Scandal or Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. There are a lot of great female TV characters out there who are wonderful role models. And there are a lot of bad characters out there as well.

But there are also some much loved characters who aren’t as great as you think. Check out these lovable characters who actually suck:

1. Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

Serena is, I guess, supposed to be likeable as the main character of the show. Sure, Serena is beautiful and kind of interesting, but she is so unbelievably selfish. She sleeps with her best friend’s boyfriend, leaves town, and comes back expecting everyone to accept her back with open arms? She always acts like a victim, especially when things are her fault. Oh and she’s also dumb because she married Dan and HE WAS LITERALLY GOSSIP GIRL.

2. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

I freaking love Blair Waldorf as a character because she didn’t take crap from anyone. But would I want to hang out with Queen B in real life? Absolutely not. She is SO mean! Not only is Blair a terrible person, she’s also manipulative and will legitimately try to ruin your life if you cross her.

3. Lizzie McGuire from Lizzie McGuire

Oh Lizzie. Sweet, awkward, weird Lizzie. See, Lizzie McGuire is quirky and cute. We love her, right? Wrong. Lizzie is so selfish and whiny, it’s ridiculous. She complains about everything. Granted, she is bullied by Kate and her minions, but Lizzie also doesn’t really do anything about it. She retaliates with equally lame insults and then cries about it to Gordo, who is in love with her and she never noticed. She’s also super rude to her parents.

4. Rachel Green from Friends

Could Rachel BE any worse? No, probably not because she is already pretty terrible. Rachel shows up after running out on her wedding, expects her friends to have a place for her to live, doesn’t actually do any work ever, and complains all the time about everything. Oh and her relationship with Ross is terrible. She loves him when it’s convenient for her because she only thinks about herself.

5. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

UGH. When people compare me to Carrie Bradshaw because I’m a writer who moved to New York, I want to scream. Don’t get me started on the fact that she would never be able to afford that apartment, those clothes, and live her cushy lifestyle on a freelance budget. Besides that, Carrie is the most whiny person ever, cheats on Aidan (who is perfect) with Big (ew), and the only thing she talks to her friends about is guys.

6. Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy

I love Grey’s Anatomy, but Meredith is really insufferable at times. Yes, she fell in love with Derrick, and he didn’t tell her he was married. But then she lost her mind when he decided to give his marriage another shot. She constantly berates the Chief for having an affair with her mother. Let’s not forget that she slept with George because she was sad.

7. Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Again, I love this show. I also love Cristina, but in reality, she is MEAN. Like she’s really, really mean. Some could argue that it’s a good thing for a doctor, but she’s pretty horrible sometimes. She also, like Meredith, is super self-centered and only does things that benefit her.

8. Jessa Johansson from GIRLS

I didn’t want to mention the other characters in GIRLS because I feel like we’re not supposed to like them. But I think we’re supposed to like Jessa because she’s cool. Well, she’s not cool. She’s a drug addict who freaks out on her friends when they try to help her. She gets her friends into precarious situations. She sets Hannah’s boyfriend up with someone else while she’s away. I mean, she’s just awful.

9. The Liars from Pretty Little Liars

Gah. I am obsessed with this show, but the Liars as people are horrible. I don’t think they deserved to be tortured or anything, but still. They constantly lie to their parents, boyfriends, and even each other. They also maybe are murderers. I just can’t.

10. Elaine Benes from Seinfeld

Seinfeld is my favorite show of all time and these characters are not good people. Elaine might be one of the worst out of the group. She’s hilarious, of course, but she’s a terrible person. She once broke up with a guy because he wouldn’t change his name to something else!

11. Robin Scherbatzky from How I Met Your Mother

Robin Scherbatzky is cool, right? Nope. She actually is awful. First, she strung Ted along and wouldn’t date him. Then she dated him and they had a bad breakup because they realized their futures wouldn’t work out together. Then she brought a guy home from Argentina immediately after the breakup. Then she dates Barney, Ted’s best friend, which was also bad on Barney’s part too. Then she continues to string Ted along going back and forth and back and forth and OMG it’s terrible.

12. Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries

I gave Elena the benefit of the doubt for a while since, you know, everyone around her seemed to die. But homegirl always wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She dated “the love of her life’s” brother. And still remained friends with Stefan. And lied about when she fell in love with Damon. Selfish, selfish.

13. Jessica Day from New Girl

I think my biggest pet peeve with Jess is that she tries so hard to be quirky and unique. She also is incredibly self-centered. Like any time Cece has a problem, Jess is all “What about me??”
What are some other characters you love who are actually terrible? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Hazel

    I totally agree with your choices–the GG gals,Elena,Carrie,Meredith,Cristina, Robin..basically your whole list,I don’t watch PLL so I don’t know about them,but the rest,ugghh..selfish,immature people

  • Josie

    Yeah because how dare a woman have any ambition or be allowed to not have others as a priority, they can only be selfless and polite right? Human being?… nahhh

  • Kellia

    Also, in the one for Liars. You might wanna add, girlfriends. Emily did, I admit, lie to her girlfriends

  • Kellia

    Um… The Liars are not horrible people. They’ve gone through terrible things, and sometimes had to lie to keep themselves and family safe. They all have good hearts. And I look up to them, particularly Emily- you can’t say Emily ‘sucks’! She’s loyal, kind, and she always protects her friends. She hates hurting people, like when she dated Ben and didn’t want to hurt him by breaking up with him. At least try to understand the show

  • Chantelle

    In defense of Lizzie McGuire, she isn’t a mind reader. If Gordo spoke up and said something about his feelings towards her, than Lizzie would of known about his feelings well before the movie.