11 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Were Never Kissed In High School

When I first started writing for girl, I was 22 and had never been kissed yet. Yeah, I made it past college without a kiss–not sure how that happened–but before that I made it past high school without a kiss. Not a single one! When all of your friends are hooking up or have steady boyfriends or girlfriends, it can be hard not feeling like a freak if you graduate high school without so much as a peck. Or, if you’re about to start your senior year, you might pressure yourself to start mackin’ on people before you’re an old shrew (AKA 19-years-old).

Okay, kidding on that last bit, but if you’re in this boat you really don’t have anything to worry about because there are so many other people out there who are inexperienced in the kissing department, too. Either way, whether your lack of mouth to mouth action is embarrassing or shrug worthy, you can still probably relate to these 11 things.


1. You felt super empathetic to Josie when you watched Never Been Kissed for the first time.

Some bits were a little too real.


2. Whenever your friends talk about their exploits you were like…

skins grace um

“Yeah, I’m just gonna sit here and…not contribute.”


3. You wonder if locking lips with pizza counts as making out.

It should TBH.


4. You low key can’t help but think that maybe you’re inefficient with the whole attracting people to you thing.



5. Or, alternatively, you really aren’t that pressed about not kissing anyone yet.

And you’re more weirded out by people who are more upset than you are about it.


6. When people get all shocked about the fact that you managed to graduate without a single make out session you’re like.


Can they just let you live?


7. You’re kind of worried about being seen as an inexperienced girl in college.

There are only so many ways you can practice.


8. You’re sick of people warning you that your first kiss will probably be garbage and totally awkward.

cry baby ksis

It’s like, okay, whatever, at least you’ll have gotten it out of the way.


9. You’ve had to deal with witnessing so many make out sessions that your friends have had that you sometimes feel like it must be overrated.

Because it’s definitely boring to watch.


10. You’ve dealt with people assuming you want your first kiss to be with your one true love, which isn’t necessarily true.

You just want it to be with somebody you don’t hate. Is that too much to ask?


11. You admittedly feel a lot of different emotions about not reaching that teen milestone, but you’re sure that you’ll be spending some quality mouth to mouth action with someone eventually. 


Whatever, it’ll happen sooner or later. No worries.


Are you in the same boat? Do people react strangely when you tell them? Tell us in the comments!

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