16 Serious Struggles Of Having A Crush On A Fictional Character

If you’ve ever read a book, watched a TV show, or seen a movie, chances are you’ve developed a crush on a fictional character. You’re not crazy! This happens all the time, and it’s totally normal. We’ve all had crushes on characters, and some of them even sparked our sexual awakening.

Don’t feel weird if you’re crushing on someone who doesn’t exist! You’re probably experiencing these struggles:

1. Well… they’re not real.


2. If they’re a book character, they look differently in your head than in a TV or movie adaptation.


3. You get legitimately jealous when they’re with another fictional character.

Why are you not with me?!

4. Or you ship them with another character and feel sad about it.

I guess if you HAVE to be with someone…

5. You can’t text or call them.

And they can’t contact you, obviously.

6. You refer to the actor or actress by their character’s name.

Same, but different.

7. You compare your real-life crushes to your fictional crush.

It’s not fair, but whatever.

8. Or get annoyed with your actual significant other for not being more like your fictional love.

Why are you not more like this person in my book?!

9. You wish you were a fictional character and could live in their world.

If only!

10. You maybe write a fictional story where you can be with your fictional crush.

I know you have fan fiction.

11. When your friend has a crush on the same character, you understand but are also jealous.

And you wonder how this love triangle would play out in real life.

12. When you see an actor or actress play a different character, you kind of hate them.

How dare you!

13. You feel like you can’t admit your crush to anyone because they don’t exist.


14. When you’re done reading or watching whatever your fictional crush is in, you actually feel like you broke up.


15. Or WORSE: they die.


16. Anytime you start a new book or show, you’re like:

Can I have a crush on someone real perhaps?
Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Galaxy Taker

    I actually have a crush on 011 from stranger things but I don’t care what anyone says

  • Jay N.

    I have a HUGE crush on Bendy from batim…my friend said she didn’t like him much and I almost strangled her x’p

  • Athena

    Tord from Eddsworld and Hellbent from Planet Dolan. Its seriously killing me.

  • Kafei

    i have a crush too on a fictional character i know everything about him i read every book where he appear play game read fanfic put him on me phone screen i think about him when i wake up when i’m about to sleep and all the day but i feel very sad sometime because he dont exist and everybody people tell me to forget him (he is not real …wtf are you crazy bla bla bla ….) but i dont want the feel i have when i see him for the firts time make me feel so weird at the beginning but so happy after that but now a month pass away and i’m afraid to stop love him i dont want so i dont watch other anime, video game and i read again and play again the thing where he appear for dont forget him i would really talk to somebody who can understand me…

    *but him happy to see im not alone who have a crush on a fictional character*

  • BardiXgamer

    My crush that is still my crush to this day is Molly from Arthur, I kinda get jealous and envy when people ship her with arthur, It’s a bit hard to get over the fact it’s just a character and not a real person

  • Nero97

    As you can understand by my nickname and by my profile picture, my biggest (and secret) love is Nero from Devil May Cry 4. I love everything of him… I’m always thinking about him, and every night, as I am about to fall asleep, I imagine him to be with me and I also imagine how would it be our romantic relationship.

    I feel as he would be the only one able to give me all the love and security that I need and that I desire; and being aware of the fact that these desires cannot become true hurts me as much as, sometimes, pain leads me to cry T_T.

  • Husky

    Welp.. Tom from star vs the forces of evil, idk I just found him really attractive ;-;

  • Bloodfun2585

    I have a crush on crash bandicoot the twinsanity version i can’t help it he’s just so hot and cute in my opinion and it’s embarrassing when I play the game because I blush and get giggly

  • Alexa

    I’m afraid to tell who I have a crush on because it’s just all anime…I, just going to say all of them from my favorite anime right now

    Arthur Kirkland, Alfred F. Jones, Kiku Honda, Wang Yao, Vladimir Popescu, Feliciano Vargas, Ivan Buraginsuki and I don’t even know anymore welp here comes the bullying

  • RealMadridCF

    Rei Suzuya, from Tokyo Ghoul.
    It’s not my fault, he’s just so perfect, and cute… and the guy needs love after the hell he went through.

  • Please prepare to see a few tiny icons because I don’t really have the best pictures but yay I can express my love

    Alumi, I love you so much. Doesn’t matter that you are a little robot, and I myself am human, because you are so adorable ;; v ;; I’m glad that I met you, even though I only see you through the screens on my computer and phone… The biggest struggle of course, is that you aren’t real. But again, I still love you anyway!


  • Zee-Zee Drayton
  • Tbh, Hanzo Urushihara
    He’s underrated because of how old the show he’s in too, so I’m fanfiction deprived.
    I’ve read everything, I’ve seen all the fanart and I’m suffering. I zone out all the time thinking about this edgy little boy and I ju st.
    I may or may not have gotten the picture from a folder that i dedicated to him on my desktop called “Lmao don’t open this” that has a whole bunch of little sub folders preventing anyone else from getting in that didn’t want to waste their time.
    Send help, i’m in too deep.

  • Hazel Chip

    Natsu Dragneel

    Yup. I love him with a passionate fire in my heart

  • Lumi

    OMG ? so true!

  • Valentyne

    Ugh, so true. I’ve been in love with 2D from Gorillaz since high school (I’m talking like 9 years, guys). Now, with the new album coming out and the fact that they’re resurfacing, it’s even stronger than it was before.

    Help. XD

    • Calíope Fox

      I’m so sorry for you xDDD

  • Bleeding Dusk

    I have a huge crush on Sans, Star Butterfly and Kenny….
    If I had ONE wish it would be to make kenny mccormick real
    and he cant die so woo

  • Grace F

    Ok… all I can say is because everyone here is doing it I will too… it’s Hau from Pokemon sun and moon. I know, I know, but we have the same personality and I just feel like I’m gonna have my stomach fall out of my mouth whenever I think about him, so at school when at lunch my friends say something I just can’t.

    That felt good to get off of me.

  • Elle Wilson

    Levi Ackerman. Levi Fucking Ackerman out of all anime characters.
    I need serious help. :/

  • Niko Nummelin

    Star buttefly, from Star vs. forces of evil. Idk how or why but i genuinly feel weird about it idk if its a crush on her but the entire show just makes me feel empty.