8 Totally Unexpected Ways Napping Can Save Your Life

I’ve never been much of a napper. I’m not very good at sleeping at night either, but I was always that kid in kindergarten who could never sit still during nap time. Everyone said “You’re going to wish you napped more when you had the time,” and they may have been right. I took a power nap this weekend and felt amazing. Have I been missing out this whole time?

Apparently so. While nappers are often seen as lazy or sloth-like, taking a midday snooze is actually good for you. There’s a reason animals sleep so much, and it’s not because they have nothing better to do. Check out these amazing benefits of catching some zzzs during the day:

Do you take naps? How long are your naps? What other benefits do you think there are? Tell us in the comments below!
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