Would You Rather: Butt Stuff

This game of Would You Rather is just about…butts. But not just the butts you’re thinking of! This week, we’re going way beyond the typical gluteus maximus-type butt stuff, and delving into all different kinds of butt. Stuff.


Should I say “butt stuff” again? I won’t, but I will invite you to play this super-challenging Would You Rather game. This week, it’s all about the butts: 


biebs roast

What was the hardest question for you? What’s your favorite type of butt stuff? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • XNDR

    I’ve already dealt with being the “butt” of every joke and all that did is make me feel like shit. #bulliedalllife Although I am a funny girl by nature and I love to laugh (I can rarely be found not laughing), I would rather never laugh again then always be the butt of someone elses joke because there comes a point where it’s not funny anymore.

  • Kellia

    I actually really like the Thong Song. It’s a good song! #DontJudgeMe