18 Movie Themed “Just Girly Things” Parodies That’ll Make You Cry From Laughing

“Just Girly Things” parodies are one of my favorite things on the Internet because they’re so good. The meme itself is pretty silly and filled with Source


Oh dear.

2. This goal:

Show off those pearly whites!

3. This feeling:

~*The best*~

4. This beauty obsession:

“My lips hurt real bad!”

5. This life goal:


6. This trait you want in your crush:

Caesar *does* have perfect teeth tho…

7. This wish:

Mine, mine, mine!

8. This comfort:

Poor Harry 🙁

9. This nickname:


10. This look at nature:


11. This romantic life dream:

Romance like that isn’t real!

12. This hair wish:


13. This crush:

I’m crying.

14. This adorable pet name:

I can’t.

15. This little moment:


16. This treasured feeling:


17. This activity:

(P.S. this is literally what I think will happen if I go in the ocean.)

18. This beauty product hope:

Ugh, the dream.
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