15 Times Seth And Summer Gave You Serious Relationship Goals

Seth and Summer from The O.C. were the perfect example of opposites attract. Deep down, they had a lot in common, but on the surface they were totally different. They were a match made in heaven, and we hated it whenever they were apart. They were the couple that every awkward, quirky girl wanted to emulate. And we’re still obsessed with them.

Check out these 15 times Seth and Summer gave you relationship goals:

1. When Seth finally admitted that he named his boat after Summer:


2. Whenever they made funny faces at each other:

Such goofballs.

3. When they had adorable exchanges like this:



4. When they had precious nose kisses:


5. When Summer brought Seth’s comic book dreams to life:

I can’t.

6. When they had the cutest staring contests:


7. Whenever they reunited after being apart:

So much love!

8. When they had this epic kiss:


Even though in reality, it wouldn’t have been that romantic IRL.

9. Whenever they just made each other so giddy:


10. When everyone thought they were a couple even when they were tragically broken up:

Because they were SOUL MATES.

11. When Summer was crowned Prom Queen and Seth declared himself King:



12. When they squished each other’s faces like so:

Too much cute!

13. When they knew they were meant to be together, even when they had to be apart:

They were always each other’s destinies!

14. When Summer had Princess Sparkle and Seth had Captain Oats and everything was perfect:


15. When they got married and were SO Seth and Summer:

Literally dying of cute.
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