Quiz: Which Guy Is Your Disney Channel Original Movie Soul Mate?

My love for the High School Musical franchise has been well-documented. And why shouldn’t it be? These movies, as well as others in the Disney Channel Original Movie spectrum, have a certain way of embedding themselves in one’s cerebrum in such a way that chemistry and calculus, no matter how much they are studied, will never quite achieve. And thus, such is the power of the Disney Channel Original Movie.


If you have also watched these movies, you’ll know that they all have some pretty hunky main characters at the helm. Troy Bolton! Kyle Johnson! Joe Jonas playing himself! In fact, the only way to really figure out who the dreamiest one of them all is by taking this quiz. So, without further ado, take this quiz so you can find out which guy is YOUR Disney Channel Original Movie soul mate!

Did your answer surprise you? Who’s your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie star of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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