13 Horrible Things That Happen When You Wear Makeup In The Summer

It’s no secret that I love makeup and beauty products. I think makeup is an art form in its own right and love wearing it. But I hate wearing makeup during the summer because it is a total pain. No matter how much primer you use or how cool you keep yourself, your makeup and the summer heat do not mix.

If you rock makeup in the summer, you definitely know these makeup struggles:

1. It can easily melt off your face.

Not a good look.

2. Your face gets extra oily.

Because it’s trying to breathe and it can’t.

3. Your mascara leaves nice little marks around your eyes.

So cute, right?

4. Applying more makeup leads to caking.


5. Wearing SPF is essential, but it causes your makeup go on sticky or have a weird tint.

But, like, you HAVE to wear SPF.

6. The dreaded shade-change:

Your winter makeup no longer matches your skin tone, causing you to have mismatched foundation.

7. Heat + sun + makeup = more breakouts


8. When you wear heavy makeup in the summer, people judge you more.

Because natural is in for summer or whatever. Do you!

9. You sweat a lot so your makeup gets all over everything.

Shoutout to all the shirts I’ve lost due to makeup collars.

10. Waterproof makeup is not great for you.

Too much waterproof mascara can make your lashes fall out.

11. Trying new ~*summer*~ colors can often make you look ridiculous.

I thought I could pull off fuchsia, but I was wrong.

12. Your nice tan and cute freckles are just covered up.


13. Smudges:

What do you think is the worst thing about wearing makeup in the summer? Tell us in the comments below!
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