15 Differences Between Your Instagram Life And Your Real Life

I can’t tell you how many people tell me that my life looks fabulous from the outside. I always laugh when someone asks me how I have time to do so many things because the truth is, I mostly work, hang out with my dog, and watch Netflix. I carefully choose what I put on my Instagram and other social media accounts. My online presence is a curated one and is fairly different from my day-to-day experiences. For example, today after work I’m doing laundry. Nothing exciting there, so I won’t post about it.

It’s important to remember that everyone online is creating a profile that they want you to see. You don’t see the bad things in my life on Instagram from the staying in bed after a breakup to the drama with my friends. That stuff doesn’t belong on social media so I don’t put it there.

Here are some differences between Instagram and real life:

1. Friday night on Instagram

Doing ~*cool*~ things!

vs. Friday night in real life


2. Shopping on Instagram

#shopping #cute #wardrobemakeover

vs. shopping in real life

Everything is expensive.

3. Eating on Instagram

#foodie #yum

vs. eating in real life

Are these leftovers still good?

4. #TBT on Instagram

Casually has baby pictures lying around.

vs. #TBT in real life


5. Coffee on Instagram

Totally worth $5.00.

vs. coffee in real life

You need 600 cups of coffee.

6. Hanging out with friends on Instagram

All the fun things!

vs. hanging out with friends in real life

You probably spent an hour trying to figure out what to do until you gave up.

7. Beauty products on Instagram


vs. beauty products in real life

Using your products way past their expiration date.

8. Playing with your pets on Instagram

Constant snuggles!

vs. playing with your pets in real life

Forcing your pet to snuggle.

9. Mornings on Instagram

Good morning! Hello world!

vs. morning in real life


10. Sunsets on Instagram

Yassss! Nature is so majestic!

vs. sunsets in real life

Looks the same as yesterday.

11. Using the computer on Instagram

How relaxing.

vs. using the computer in real life

“Can’t connect to WIFI”

12. Studying on Instagram

Let’s do this!

vs. studying in real life

You can learn it all in one night.

13. Avocado toast on Instagram

Use a thousand edits to make it look super green!

vs. avocado toast in real life

Feel personally victimized by how gross your avocado is.

14. Selfies on Instagram

Fooling everyone into thinking you took just one good picture.

vs. selfies in real life

Taking approximately 75 selfies until you find one you like enough to filter and post.

15. Reading on Instagram

Just chillin’ with a book and coffee and looking inviting to strangers.

vs. reading in real life

Leave me alone.

How is your Instagram life different from your real life? Tell us in the comments below!
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