9 Outfits No One Else Will Be Wearing This Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is on Saturday and I have a LOT of conflicting emotions about it. It’s one of my favorite holidays (what can I say? I love searing heat, unhealthy food, and loud noises SEPARATELY, but when they all happen together? Sign me up!), but if I see another girl wearing high-waist cutoff jean shorts with an American flag crop top, I’m going to have no choice but to renounce my American citizenship.


Don’t get me wrong–it’s not as though this outfit is not cute, objectively, it’s just that everyone seems to feel the need to wear a slightly different variation of it every Fourth of July. I won’t stand for it anymore and neither should you! Check out these 9 outfits no one else will be wearing this Fourth of July:

Hipster Abe Shirt

This displays both your knowledge and respect for the United States AND your irreverent sense of humor!

Buy it at mericamade.com for $22.40

Blue And White Floral Crop Top With Shorts

If you MUST wear a crop top/high shorts combination, make it this one. This outfit is patriotic but it still maintains a sense of individuality and independence from the rest of the basics in American flag tank tops. Which is just what our founding fathers wanted!

Buy it at shein.com for 15.90

John Hancock T-Shirt

What WOULD John Hancock do? Sign the Declaration of Independence with an obnoxiously large signature, of course! You can make this shirt yourself by writing this on an old white tee and then putting your own "John Hancock" on it. Or, you can buy this tee from Zazzle.

Buy it at zazzle.com for $34.95

American Flag Makeup

Or, you can just say "suck it" to all your clothes and just wear America on your face. Find the tutorial on Pinterest.

Image source:Pinterest

Harriet Tubman T-Shirt

With this shirt, you'll be honoring the (probable) next face of the $10 bill, fighting the patriarchy (since she's not on the bill YET), and supporting America. It does it all!

Buy it at Etsy for $23

Captain America Necklace

Likewise, this Captain America necklace shows your support for America and the Marvel Universe alike.

Buy it at Etsy for $10

Unexpected American Flag T-Shirt

At first glance, this tee looks like what everyone else at the fireworks show will be wearing. If you look closer, though, it actually supports immigration reform. Plus, 20% of the proceeds go to the New Americans Fund.

Buy it at American Apparel for $26

Red And White Firework Dress

Echo the fireworks in the sky with any red and white dress you have in your closet. Or, you can buy this one from Urban Outfitters!

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $59

A T-Shirt With The World On It

Show that you are open-minded and altruistic with this shirt that displays the world. If anyone questions you, shake your head gently and say, "Don't you see? Today's not only special for America. EVERY day is special for the WHOLE WORLD." Can't argue with that!

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $24.99

What are you doing for the Fourth? More importantly, what are you WEARING for the Fourth? Let us know in the comments below!

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