9 Signs Your Crush Is Definitely Ghosting You

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am a reformed ghoster. If you’re not familiar,”ghosting” is basically the Irish Goodbye of breakups, in which someone ends a relationship by simply…disappearing. Not responding to texts, ignoring calls, and, for all intents and purposes, appearing to fall off the face of the earth. I know, I know. But don’t hate me! I can be placed firmly in the category of deeply apologetic “accidental ghosters.” I mean to respond to a text and then I just…forget, or something, and then all of a sudden it’s two weeks later and the thought of sending an awkward apology/break up text is simply too exhausting. So I don’t. Boo, ghosted.


With that being said, I have also been a victim of ghosting. (Karma!) And, not surprisingly, it sucks. Despite being a frequent ghoster, actually being ghosted makes one realize how immature, lazy, and inconsiderate the ghosting method really is. Thus, I have vowed to never “ghost” again until I am, like, an actual ghost. You know, the kind that haunts abandoned houses and stuff like that.

Anyway. Given that I have been both a ghoster and a ghostee, I’m pretty familiar with the warning signs. Here are 9 signs your crush is definitely ghosting you–if any of these things are happening to you, go ahead and delete their number!

They Start Making Excuses

A kinder (or, at least, more guilt-prone) ghoster will often start the ghosting process with some...questionable excuses. This is irritating because you might not realize it's a totally fake excuse, which it makes the other ghosting signs seem more out of the blue. If you ask to hang out, they'll say, "I'm really sick," or, "My dog just died," or, "I'm really sick of my dog dying all the time."

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Then, They Just...Vanish

Where did they go? Nobody knows. It's as if the earth just decided to swallow them up.

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They Don't Respond To Texts

Your "Good morning :)" text goes unanswered. Then, there's no response when you say, "We still on for the movies this weekend?" When they ignore the text that just says "????????????????????" that is a cold, hard, classic ghosting move.

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Or Phone Calls

If you're feisty enough, you might just up and call them. It goes to voicemail. Again. And again. And again. At this point, you should stop.

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Everything On Social Media Seems Totally Normal

By now, you're checking up on their digital footprint to see if they've Intsa'd a selfie of them in the hospital after contracting a rare bout of selective amnesia which would really be the only acceptable excuse at this point. But everything is totally normal. They're not in the hospital, they're just...existing. Without you.

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They're Nowhere To Be Found In School

You look around for them, but they aren't in their usual spots. IEventually, out of desperation, you start wondering if they transferred schools.

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You Run Out Of Ways To Contact Them And They Still Won’t Answer

So you've tracked down their email address. You send an email that says, "Not to be creepy, but WHERE ARE YOU?" The response? An automated away message that says, "I'm going away. Won't be here for a while. Check up on me next week!" But next week, it's the exact same message.

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They Disappear When You Spot Them

If you happen to run into them outside of school, they pretend not to see you...but when they start running away, you can't help but assume that they did see you after all.

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You Finally Spot Them From Afar. But When You Go To Confront Them, They Vanish Into Thin Air

Girl, it looks like you're being ghosted by an actual ghost. Other sure signs of this could be that other people can't see them, they walk through walls, and spend all of their time wailing and lurking around graveyards. Bummer! But now you know how to avoid ghosting (and ghosts).

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What are your thoughts on ghosting? Has it ever happened to you? How do you deal? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Tips On How To Deal If Your Crush Ghosts You and Disappears

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