11 Times Jafar Reacted Perfectly To Queefing During Sex

Queefing is totally normal, and it happens to pretty much everyone. But that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. It would definitely be nice to have sex and NOT have a bunch of air shoot out of your vag, but apparently our bodies want us to laugh at ourselves. Really, laughing is the only thing you can do. Don’t let queefs ruin your life!

Here are 11 times Jafar reacted perfectly to queefing during sex:

1. When it happens and you just try to ignore it:

No one heard that.

2. When your partner definitely heard it and you’re just like:

Great. Just great.

3. When your partner thinks maybe they farted so you let them think that instead:


4. When your partner doesn’t stop bringing up the fact that you queefed:

Yeah, I get it. SHUT UP.

5. When you queef and it’s so loud that you’re just like:


6. When your body keeps queefing and you’re just like:


7. When your partner keeps talking about it:

You might want to stop or we’re never having sex again.

8. When you queef for the first time with someone new and you’re just like:

Heh. Well. This is a thing that happens.

9. What you really want to do when you queef:

Just walk away.

10. When you try to laugh it off:

Which is really your best option.

11. When you have sex and don’t queef:

It IS possible!

What reactions do you have when you queef? Tell us in the comments below!
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