15 Totally Normal Things That Actually Look Like Vaginas

If you want proof that girls rule the world, it’s that vaginas are literally everywhere you look. No, seriously. Vaginas are everywhere. Flowers, Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, food, you name it. You can spot a vagina in so many different things, especially common objects.

Check out these 15 normal things that actually look like vaginas:

1. This door:

I mean…

2. These booties:

I can’t.

3. This Italian ice:

I’d be too busy eating said Italian ice to notice if it looked like a vagina or not.

4. This wallet:


5. This door handle:

I think this was intentional tbh.

6. This steak:


7. This couch:

Multiple vaginas.

8. This plant:

Vicious vagina plant with teeth.

9. This tree:

Nature’s finest.

10. These earrings:


11. This person’s bellybutton:


12. This sandwich:

It really does.

13. This carrot:


14. This wonton:


15. This cave:

What are some other things you’ve seen that look like vaginas? Tell us in the comments below!
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20 totally normal things that actually look like penises

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  • CeeCee

    My favourite thing about this article, honestly, is the frankness with which the pictures are named. Just “vagina shoes” “vagina couch” “vagina tree”.