Could I Be Pregnant? 5 Real Pregnancy Questions, Answered

Whenever I am bored, I like to play this fun game called “Bullying My Psyche.” In this game, the rules are that I have to bring myself to tears by convincing myself that I have bacterial meningitis, a brain disorder, or that I must be pregnant. It doesn’t matter if it’s almost literally impossible based on my current circumstances–for whatever reason, the pregnancy one is always the surest one to cause a panic.


As it turns out, I’m not alone. A bunch of you have been having some pregnancy scares lately, and you know what? No matter how irrational they might seem, pregnancy scares are pretty damn scary. So, I wanted to do my best to take off my psyche-bullying hat and help you all figure it out. Check out five of your questions about pregnancy:

Nearly Impossible

I’m 15. My boyfriend and I were messing around and I was grinding on him. I had panties on but he wasn’t wearing anything, and he didn’t cum but I’m scared that maybe some of his precum went through my panties and got me pregnant. Is this possible?-Hannah

Hi Hannah:

The good news that it is highly, highly, highly unlikely that you are pregnant. Like, almost impossible. I prowled around some weird places on the internet to find the answer to this. Apparently a lot of people have similar questions, but the people answering them have internet usernames like “SexGoddess666,” which I am choosing not to think of as a reliable source. I eventually found an online forum run by doctors and nurses, called “Doctor’s Lounge” where the people answering the questions use their real names AND have to prove that they are a medical professional! Here’s what Debbie Miller, a registered nurse, has to say: “Fabric would make it extremely difficult for sperm to get where it needs to go to impregnate you. Of course a latex condom would be the best protection and if you are going to be sexually active this would be a good measure for the future. Even with full penetration pregnancy does not always occur but without penetration the chances are very slim that the sperm could travel that far.”

So, there you have it. If you are still worried, I recommend that you go ahead and take a home pregnancy test. This can be the little boost you need to assure that you are not actually pregnant.


A Tricky Situation

I just had sex with my bf on Sunday and the condom broke but he claims he pulled out and didn’t go back or anything and didn’t even come. When I told my mom about it Monday night she claimed it was too late to take a pill… When I peed today the whole top half of the condom came out and now I’M REALLY PARANOID is there ANYTHING I can do to prevent pregnancy? I also just finished my period LAST Wednesday the 26th. I REALLY REALLY REALLLY don’t want to be pregnant… which sucks even more is this was my FIRST time AND I’m only 16.-Zoe

Hi Zoe:

First of all, I’m sorry that all of this is happening to you! It sounds really stressful. At this point, you definitely still have options but you need to act quickly. Plan B and other emergency contraceptives can still be effective up to 5 days after the incident (though they are more effective the sooner you take them).

So, keep talking with your mom about this! Together, you guys can figure out what the best option might be. Personally, I think you should pay a visit to a doctor with her to talk about the options. A doctor will probably be much more knowledgeable on other things to do, and will be able to offer advice on how to prevent future condom mishaps. Good luck!


Just The Tip For Just A Second

I’m 21. My girlfriend and I were grinding. I didn’t actually insert my penis in her vagina but my pre-cum ended up beside the opening near her thighs. She peed in bathroom and took an I-pill immediately. What are the chances of her to get pregnant? Plus, we don’t know that it went in or not but yes she took a birth control pill immediately. Need help.-Sam 

Hi Sam:

Given that no penetration occurred and your girlfriend took emergency contraception right away, I think the chances of getting pregnant are very, very small. My advice? Always use contraception (like condoms or birth control pills) in the future, even if you aren’t having penetrative sex. This will help quell future anxieties about accidentally getting pregnant, plus any worry about STDs.


Unlikely (But Still Worrisome!) Pregnancy Scare

I think I’m having a pregnancy scare right now. I have never had sexual activity before or even had any sort of intimate contact with a boy so I am a virgin but I am scared because my period is a week and a half behind schedule and it is normally around the 10th of every month. I have some of the symptoms and I even had a dream that I was pregnant last night. I’m only 15 and kinda scared.-Mikayla 

Hi Mikayla:

If you haven’t had any intimate contact with a boy, you aren’t pregnant. And, while it’s odd that your period is usually pretty regular but isn’t right now, irregular menstrual cycles themselves typically aren’t a huge deal. If you’re new to menstruating, have recently gained or lost a lot of weight, have been put on new medication, or are more stressed than usual, this could be causing irregularity in your cycle. For more information on missing periods, check out this article.

Finally, if you’re still really worried, you can visit a doctor. They can help you figure out why your period is late and possibly put you on birth control to make things more regular. Good luck!


Boobs A-Growin’

I am 16, and I didn’t have sex or do anything to get pregnant, but I’m a little bit concerned about my body. My breasts are getting bigger and I don’t know why. Please help! I know this will sound weird but can you get pregnant just by kissing your boyfriend???- Anonymous 

Hi Anonymous:

Don’t worry! You cannot get pregnant from just kissing your boyfriend. If your breasts are growing, it’s probably just because you haven’t finished growing yet. Your breasts can keep growing until around age 21. So at age 16, growing breasts are nothing to worry about. I know that I had very tiny boobs until I was about 19, and then they decided to become D-cups. TMI? Maybe, but, the point is, it’s totally normal for your breast to be growing larger right now. Just make sure you size your bra accordingly. I was wearing an A-cup until a saleslady at Victoria’s Secret took me aside and gently informed me that my boobs were spilling out of my bra and I probably needed to size up. The more you know!


Have you had any pregnancy scares of your own? What was the scariest one? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • lovesterling84

    My bf got a drop of his pre cum on my upper thigh I wiped it with a wet piece of toilet paper can I get pregnant from this I was wearing underwear with a pad and shorts

  • Lanie

    Hi I have the nexplanon birth control but for about 3 weeks in February I was bad on drugs, using a needle in the same arm my birth control is in and interacting in sex. I’m clean now but do you think I could be pregnant? My stomachs rounder and my stretch marks are showing worse than usual.