Would You Rather: 4th Of July Fiascoes

Yet again, the end of June has snuck up on me, reminding me that the 4th of July (which I have always viewed as my official indicator that summer is in full swing) is almost here.  Do you know what your plans are? I, for one, intend to spend my day celebrating my freedom in the movie theater watching Magic Mike as many times as I can before I am forcibly removed from my seat— just as Thomas Jefferson clearly intended in the subtext of the Declaration of Independence.


If you don’t have plans yet, might I suggest one? You can play this  thoroughly aggravating– yet also thought-provoking and, of course, patriotic– game of “Would You Rather.” It’s 4th of July themed. Just as out founding fathers would have wanted: 


american swaggie



What  are you doing for the 4th? Did these questions make you not want to celebrate anymore? Let us know in the comments below!

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