14 Times Disney Channel Original Movies Kicked You In The Feels

Disney Channel Original Movies were obviously the best, and they certainly don’t make them like they used to. Old DCOMs were often lighthearted and super fun. I mean, we all wanted to be like Zenon and do cool things in space. Or be in High School Musical.

But there were some DCOM moments that totally broke our hearts:

1. When you learned you can do anything in Gotta Kick It Up:


Si se puede!

2. In Brink! when Andy joined the X Bladez so he could help his family get money and his friends hated him:

He did turn into a bit of a jerk, but they didn’t care about his situation.

3. When Johnny Tsunami had to switch schools and everyone was really terrible to him:


4. When you find out that Ben applied for the Smart House because they didn’t have a mom:

He didn’t want a new mom, he just wanted someone to take care of them.

5. And when PAT when CRAZY:

Because that was actually terrifying.

6. When Larry becomes the Boogeyman in Don’t Look Under the Bed:

He was so good! And then he became the Boogeyman because people weren’t believing in him anymore.

7. When Jamie is so neglected in Quints because of the babies that she ruins her artwork of them:

Poor Jamie.

8. When Piper and Mahree actually become friends in The Color of Friendship:

This movie was so intense for a DCOM.

9. When Galleria becomes a total diva in The Cheetah Girls and basically ruins everything:

Girl, what are you doing?

10. And when you find out about Do’s heartbreaking backstory:

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

11. When Heather hurts her ankle while practicing in Double Teamed:

But she played on it anyway!

12. When Andrea’s dad is a huge sexist in Motocrossed and tells her she can’t do what she wants:

And she literally had to crossdress to achieve her dreams because her dad sucked.

13. When Kelly and Jennifer learn to respect each other:


14. And the entire Tru Confessions movie:

What’s the saddest Disney Channel Original Movie moment in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below!
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