13 Thoughts You’ll Have When You Forget To Take Your Birth Control

If you take birth control pills, you know how important it is to take them at the same time everyday. It can be pretty difficult to remember, especially if you’re really busy. And no one wants to pop their BC when they’re in public so forgetting your pill happens occasionally.

When you miss a pill (or a few) you might freak out and have these thoughts:

1. Did I take it or not?

Oh no. This is why they give you those stupid stickers.

2. I don’t think I did.

3. I definitely didn’t. OMG.


4. Do I take two today?

That’s how it works right?

5. I’m going to get pregnant.

This is the worst.

6. I’m probably pregnant right now.


7. Why can’t birth control just be a thing that everyone has until they’re like over 25?

It should be a chip they put in us at birth.

8. If I’m not pregnant, is this going to screw up my period?

Probably. UGH.

9. I need to set a birth control alarm.

10. Why don’t guys have to worry about this?

So unfair.

11. Missing one pill isn’t the worst, right?


12. Was I the result of a missed pill?

What if?!

13. I’m just not going to have sex until my next pack.

Better safe than sorry!

Have you ever forgotten your birth control? What thoughts did you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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