Quiz: Why Are You Single?

Hey, are you single? Well, guess what– if you are single, that automatically means that you are sad. Even if you don’t feel sad, you are, because it is impossible to be a girl, on your own, and happy. Just take it from Bella Swan, Bridget Jones, and anyone in any Nicholas Sparks movie ever!


JK! I’m being over-vitriolic and bitter. It’s actually totally possible to be single and happy, though Hollywood as a whole would be broke if they didn’t keep perpetuating this whole single=sad 4 ever idea. Regardless, if you are interested in fulfilling your Bella Swan-Bridget Jones-Allie Hamilton alternate life, you are probably starting to wonder, “Hey, why am I single, exactly?” Well, wonder no more! This quiz will tell you, definitively, why you are still single:

Were you surprised with your response? What do you think about being single now? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • XNDR

    You’re too…you know what? It’s fine.
    So you’re single. And, actually, that’s totally okay. People might tell you that you’re too much of something– too choosy, too clingy, too intimidating, too whatever– and that’s why you’re single. To that, you should say, “Too much is never enough!” and run off into the sunset. By yourself. Because you can, and should totally do that when you’re single.
    Being single can rule! Don’t sweat it for now.