13 Pairs Of Crazy And Useful Underwear You Never Knew You Needed

For the most part, underwear has one major purpose, and that is to keep our private areas comfortable, happy, and protected. Most underwear sold out there is the same. Sure, the packaging and prices may be different. Some pairs of underwear might have scandalous sayings on them (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret), while others might be totally plain. But the cuts are basically the same no matter where you buy them (bikini, hipster, boyshort, thong, etc.) and so are the materials (cotton, lace, silk, etc.).

Well, okay, this used to be true, until high-tech underwear became a Thing on the Internet. Now, only basics buy plain underwear… or something like that. There is a whole new crop of underwear out there that has much more of a specific purpose. There are undies that can be worn in place of tampons or pads, there are undies that help with discharge, there are even ones that keep your farts from being stinky. And we haven’t even begun, because honestly, the opportunities are endless. Here are 13 crazy (but useful) kinds of underwear you never knew you needed:

Camel No Toe Underwear

This brand new underwear is made with technology that hides the appearance of camel toe (you know, when you can clearly see the outline of a girl's vag through underwear or pants). There is an "undetectable and perfectly positioned modesty enhancement panel" that prevents any kind of camel toe from happening.

I guess if you're insecure about camel toe, you might want to try out this underwear. But honestly? Uh, camel toe really isn't that big of a deal. But, hey, do you, girl!

Camel No Toe Seamless Underwear, $26-$30, Seamless Thread


When you deal with chub rub, the struggle is real, especially in the summer. Your thighs rub together when you walk, and at first, it's fine. But then it gets hot, and it gets sticky and sweaty down there, making it worse. If you're walking a lot? Forget about it. You develop a terribly painful rash that just makes you want to lay down with your legs spread forever.

Enter Bandalettes. While this technically isn't underwear, it had to be on this list. These are elastic lace bands that are slip-proof. They go around your upper thigh, and promise to stay there without moving around - and reviews so far have been good. Plus, they're kind of sexy!

Bandelettes, $15.99, Bandelettes

Urbanist Cycling Chamois Underwear

Girls who love going on bike rides, listen up: you NEED this underwear. I love bike riding, but I've noticed that it can be incredibly painful down there, especially if you don't have a padded seat. These undies are designed to make it much more comfortable.

Chamois Panties have a foam insert sewn into them for added comfort. The difference between these undies and bike shorts with the same insert is that these underwear are made to be worn for more than just bike riding. They're also stylish and really cute and comfy! You can wear these whether you're biking or you just want to be extra comfortable.

Chamois Panties, prices vary, Urbanist Cycling

Thinx Underwear

THINX period panties are meant to be used as a backup to your tampon or pads - or, on light days, you can even use them in place of tampons and pads. These undies contain a super-absorbent layer that can hold up to two tampons worth of blood, depending on what style you buy. They're really great as a backup plan if your period is heavy and frequently leaks onto your underwear. They're also great for days when you think your period is over, but you're not exactly sure.

PS: We're actually giving these away right now! A discount code is in there as well.

Thinx Period Panties, from $24-$34, Thinx

Dear Kate Yoga Pants and Shorts

Okay, so these aren't exactly underwear - they're yoga pants and shorts. But hear me out, because they're also awesome. These yoga pants and shorts are made so that you don't have to wear underwear with them - there is already underwear basically built in!

There is a fabric lining of underwear on the inside of the pants and shorts that keeps you comfy and fresh down there. These are perfect for girls who hate underwear lines, or feel too constricted when wearing tight pants/shorts and underwear. They're also really cute!

Nothing Under Apparel, prices vary, Dear Kate

Give-N-Go Odor Eliminating Underwear

What's so special about this underwear? Not only is it made specifically to be comfortable while you're being active or traveling, it's also made with technology that is breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, lightweight, and odor resistant. This means that if you feel a little stinky down there, these undies might help.

These are great for working out, and ideal for traveling when you're spending long days wearing the same underwear. Plus, look how cute and colorful the options are!

Give-N-Go Underwear, prices vary, Exofficio

Urban Undercover Underwear

What is this? It's kind of the coolest thing ever. Undercover Underwear is made to be underwear that you wear on a daily basis, and usually no longer. The underwear itself folds up into a cute little pouch that you can go throw in your bag on-the-go. Don't laugh, but haven't you ever wished you had an extra pair of underwear in your bag? You know, after a really sweaty day or a gym sesh or maybe a hookup? You can't just walk around with underwear in your bag, but you CAN walk around with a little pouch that doesn't look like underwear in your bag!

Undercover Underwear, prices vary, Urban Undercover

Hide & Cheek Underwear

What makes these undies special? Hide & Cheek underwear are made with a "unique SeaCell™ material that contains certified organic Icelandic seaweed. Seaweed is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and skin protecting and caring effects." Basically, this is underwear made of seaweed.

The benefits of this, according to the site, include: "the amino acids, iodine, mineral salts, and other vitamins, minerals, and trace elements carry a host of benefits directly from the natural environment of the sea," including: (1) "anti-inflammatory and skin-nourishing due to the naturally occurring Vitamin E, making it especially good for razor burn and rashes, (2) rich in antioxidants, it reduces skin damage as you wear it, (3) combats free radicals, (4) contributes to a fabric with ultimate breathability and (5) allergy tested and rigorously cleared for sensitive skin.

Low Waist Thong, $29, Hide and Cheek

Chaffree Underwear

Who likes to deal with chaffing in the summer heat... or any time of the year? Chaffree underwear is essentially shapewear that keeps you comfortable and keeps your thighs from painfully rubbing together. Bonus: they also help prevent sweat with moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry and comfy. The technology is also anti-bacterial and super lightweight.

Chaffree Underwear, prices vary, Chaffree

Commando Underwear

Do you want to wear underwear but make it look like you're not wearing any underwear? You know what I'm talking about: sometimes you wear a dress, skirt, or pants so tight and form-fitting that you're guaranteed to have underwear lines... but you're not comfortable going commando. No problem - just wear Commando undies!

Commando underwear is seriously seamless underwear that you really cannot see through clothes at all. There are tons of different styles and colors. They'll keep you super comfy and keep your underwear undercover.

Commando Underwear, prices vary, Wear Commando

Knixwear Underwear

Knixwear uses high performing gusset technology to create underwear that is leak resistant and super absorbent. These moisture-wicking undies are perfect for exercise, if you get super sweaty, to be used as a backup plan during your period, or even to be worn every day if you experience a lot of discharge. They'll keep you dry and comfy, and there are tons of different styles and options.

Knixwear Underwear, all different styles, Knixwear


If you haven't heard about these by now, I don't know where you've been. Shreddies are underwear that hold in the smells of your farts. So, if you fart a lot and don't want other people to smell it - buy these. How does it work? According to the site, "Due to its highly porous nature, the odour vapours become trapped and neutralised by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment. "

Shreddies Underwear, prices vary, My Shreddies

Knock Out! Panties

Here's the deal with these undies, according to the website: "Knock out! Smart Panties are made for all of us! Soft, subtle, sexy panties that offer a one - two punch. The patented technology in every pair protects us from wetness and odor all day, everyday. The liner has an all natural odor absorbing treatment and dual-action wicking fibers built right into the 100% cotton fabric. Thin, breathable and natural, you won't believe how much protection is packed into such a small area! There are styles for every personality and any outfit."

This underwear is meant to keep you dry and fresh down there. It helps with odor, sweat, and discharge, and can even be used during that time of the month. While the Exofficio undies are made more for working out, these Knock Out! panties have options that are also sexier.

Knock Out! Panties, prices vary, Knock Out Panties

Which of these crazy pairs of underwear do you want to try the most? Which have you already tried? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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