13 Pairs Of Crazy And Useful Underwear You Never Knew You Needed

For the most part, underwear has one major purpose, and that is to keep our private areas comfortable, happy, and protected. Most underwear sold out there is the same. Sure, the packaging and prices may be different. Some pairs of underwear might have scandalous sayings on them (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret), while others might be totally plain. But the cuts are basically the same no matter where you buy them (bikini, hipster, boyshort, thong, etc.) and so are the materials (cotton, lace, silk, etc.).

Well, okay, this used to be true, until high-tech underwear became a Thing on the Internet. Now, only basics buy plain underwear… or something like that. There is a whole new crop of underwear out there that has much more of a specific purpose. There are undies that can be worn in place of tampons or pads, there are undies that help with discharge, there are even ones that keep your farts from being stinky. And we haven’t even begun, because honestly, the opportunities are endless. Here are 13 crazy (but useful) kinds of underwear you never knew you needed:

Which of these crazy pairs of underwear do you want to try the most? Which have you already tried? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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