10 Real Girls Share Their Thoughts On Going Commando

Underwear seems like a pretty necessary thing, right? It turns out that there are a lot of issues that can be caused by wearing underwear, especially thongs. But would you ever forgo your underwear entirely? I’ve gone commando a few times when I’m wearing super tight clothing or a dress with unforgiving fabric, but for the most part I feel pretty uncomfortable if I’m not wearing anything.

Some people do it all the time though! Here’s what some of our very own girls had to say about going commando on the message boards:

What are your thoughts on going commando? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • susan

    Going commando is awesome, especially in summer when I’m wearing a full length dress.

  • Rosario

    I never thought I would ever go commando but after seeing this article I gave it a try. So far it’s only when I wear leggings because of those embarrassing pantie lines. I must say it’s much more comfortable but I don’t think I could not go without undies under jeans.

  • Andras ap Gwilym

    My wife goes commando all the time except during her period.

  • Megan

    Leggings, tight skirts, sweats, sometimes jeans. But i have to wear them with short shorts otherwise it rides up and hurts or you can see everything. #easyaccess doe

  • jessica

    I actually quite enjoy going commando. It’s easy, and comfortable and I never have feel paranoid about underwear lines. The only time I wear underwear is under dresses, skirts and with jeans, but anything else is fair game.