12 Badass Bikinis That Won’t Make You Feel Naked

We’re obviously cool with body positivity and showing some skin if you so wish here at Gurl. But we’re also about having a little empathy and understanding that not everyone experiences bodily comfort the same way.

Take bikinis for instance. Whether it’s self-consciousness or a general inclination towards less revealing cuts, bikinis can be a tough battleground when it comes to finding one that you feel comfortable wearing. I like bikinis and all, but I’m not into wearing bikinis that are super stringy or don’t have much fabric to ’em. I like a little more coverage than many bikinis offer. But, ugh, it’s so hard to find bikinis that match that criteria that are actually cute, not dowdy or ugly.

If you can relate to this struggle, no worries, I made it a little easier for you. Thank me later, but first, check out these 12 badass bikinis that won’t make you feel naked.

Print Nylon Tricot High Waist Swim Brief

These high waist bikini bottoms are a dream! They come in a ton of different patterns and they don't ride up in awkward spots too easily. Sure, the matching top is definitely more revealing, so cop that if you're not too top heavy or if you just DGAF. Otherwise, pair these bottoms with your preferred bikini top instead.

Buy it at ASOS for $30

Andrea Iyamah Makena High Waist Swimsuit

You don't see a bikini set like this often, and it's even rarer to see such a conservative bikini set that actually looks beyond rad. The colors and pattern would look awesome against any skin tone, too. Need.

Buy it at Andrea Iyamah for $110

Monif C Sao Paulo Plus Size Bikini

Whoever said that plus-size girls should stay away from bright colors or patterns was a straight up hater. Screw the rules with this vibrant printed bikini set!

Buy it at Monif C: Top for $89, bottom for $48

ASOS Curve Swim Skirt

Don't like to wear the closest thing to undies when you're at the beach or by the pool? Rock this swim skirt with your favorite bikini top and you're good to go. It's also nice because it transitions well into an outfit to go out and about in after you're done playing mermaid.

Buy it at ASOS for $40

Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece Swimsuit

If you're into classic patterns, try this not so teeny weenie bikini on for size. It has a strong retro flare, too, which will definitely appeal to some of you!

Buy it at Mod Cloth for $89.99

Monif C Santa Rosa Plus Size Bikini

Geometric. Streamlined. Minimalist. Oh, and also really effing cool looking. This bikini comes in the same style in different colors like pink and purple as well, just in case mint green isn't your color. Even though it should be because it looks great on everyone. But I digress...

Buy it at Monif C: Top for $60, bottom for $40

Jaded London Exclusive To ASOS Elastic Crop Bikini

Here's what I love about this bikini set: It has an ultra sporty vibe going for it! Seriously, it's very Sporty Spice. It'll look awesome with your favorite round sunglasses and can even transition to an everyday look if you just pair the top with some shorts or jeans.

Buy it at ASOS: Top for $50, bottom for $40

Lolli Swim Tasty Nanas High Waisted Bikini

I'm trying so hard not to say "go bananas" over this bikini set but, uh, you totally should because it's way cute. The bottoms have a little pocket! The black waistband makes it easy to pair these bottoms with your favorite black bikini top. Or, you can get the matching top instead!

Buy it at Dolls Kill: Top for $69, bottom for $89

Minimale Animale Quarterback Punk

I love how sporty and bold this swimsuit is. And is it just me or do the bottoms almost look like tighty whiteys? I mean, they totally do...in the best way possible. This also comes in black or white if you prefer to rock those colors, but the red really does look dope.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $119

ASOS Curve Sexy Halter Top High Waist Bikini In Geo Tribal Print

This high waist halter bikini set comes in such a super flattering cut. If you like darker tones for your bikini but you don't want to wear a set black suit, this is a happy medium.

Buy it at ASOS: Top for $36, bottom for $29

New Look Gingham Extreme Bikini

Go for a classic, vintage inspired, girl-next-door kind of look with this gingham bikini set. You'll look super '50s in the best way possible, especially if you wear your hair up with some head scarves or a bandana.

Buy it at ASOS: Top for $32, bottom for $21

Surf Du Doleil Swimsuit Top

Want more coverage on top? Then this swimsuit top is perfect. It's black and white so it'll go with any black or white bottoms you have hanging around your house. Or mix-n-match patterns. It's all good as long as you're comfortable.

Buy it at Mod Cloth for $39.99


Do you like bikinis with a lot of coverage or nah? Do you like bikinis at all? Tell us in the comments!

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    2 of these resonated well with me in terms of coverage. The more skirty ones. That retro lookin red one and the complete skirt bathing suit. I like to wear one piece suits with shorts or a skirt, usually but those two would be good …