20 Times Chuck And Blair Gave You Serious Relationship Goals

Chuck and Blair, or Chair, were Gossip Girl’s best couple. Sure, they schemed and were manipulative. Separately, they were not very good people. But together? Together, Chuck and Blair ruled the world. Or at least the Upper East Side. When they were apart, it nearly killed all of us because they were the most fabulous couple ever.

1. When they always reminded each other who they are:


2. And completed each other as humans:

*heart eyes emoji*

3. When they exchanged this look after their accident:

Truly the most tragic episode of Gossip Girl.

4. When they couldn’t stop thinking about each other ever:

So cute.

5. Literally every time they cuddled:

Even when Chuck was in a suit!

6. When they realized their lives were more exciting with the other around:

Sure, they did some scheming things, but whatever.

7. When they didn’t stop fighting for each other:

Never give up, never surrender.

8. When there were forehead kisses:

Be still, my heart!

9. When they were classy AF:

Like what?

10. When they would just breathe in each other’s awesomeness:

They also probably smell amazing, tbh.

11. When Chuck would touch Blair’s chin like this:


12. Or kiss her hand because she’s a princess:


13. When they had sweet moments like this:

Could you be any cuter, really?

14. When they first hooked up in a LIMO:


15. When they always loved each other even when they were apart:

Sometimes you have to let the one you love go do their thing.

16. When they were willing to let each other go until it was right:

Chuck gets it.

17. When they knew they’d come back to each other:


18. When they were sassy as hell together:


19. When they got married in Central Park:

Quickest, yet chicest wedding ever.

20. And when they had the cutest little child:

His first sentence was probably “I’m Henry Bass.”

What other times did Chuck and Blair give you relationship goals? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • jaime4brienne

    Have you ever noticed that when Chuck mentions a fear that Blair has (that is kind of ridiculous) he never mocks her or makes fun of her for it. I think that’s one of the most sweetest things about their relationship.

  • Sheina Cera

    What episode was #13?! D;

  • NJLilJFan

    I liked how they went through so much crap but still loved each other and survived it all to have a happy ending.

  • Serena

    Chair is the best.