16 Crazy That Happen When You Binge-Watch A Show

I don’t know what you’re doing this weekend, but pretty much everyone is binge-watching Orange is the New Black. Netflix debuted Season 3 last night, and we’ve been waiting a year for this! Yeah, it’s fun to watch a show from week to week, but it’s a way more fun experience to consume the whole show at one time.

If you’ve ever binge-watched a show, you know exactly what happens:

1. You warn everyone you know that you’re embarking on a binge-watching experience.

“Sorry, I can’t this weekend. I’m watching all of Orange is the New Black.

2. You stockpile snacks so that you never have to leave the couch.

You have to have sustenance.

3. You forget about your basic human needs.

I can hold it for another episode, right?

4. After a few episodes, you have to force yourself to get up because you haven’t in a while.

I should probably take a break.

5. You start to feel like you KNOW the characters.

Like in real life.

6. You get confused between what’s happened on the show and what’s happened in your life.

Real or not real?

7. You stay up all night to keep watching.

You just can’t stop.

8. And you don’t even think about saying “no” when Netflix asks if you’re still there:

LOL am I still watching? OF COURSE I AM.

9. You memorize the theme song.

And adapt it into your life.

10. You get legitimately upset when bad things happen on the show.

Like when your favorite couple breaks up or your favorite character dies.

11. You’re scared to tell people how far you’ve watched.

You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

12. You get uncomfortable because you’ve been stuck in the same position for so long.

And switch to the other side of the couch for a while.

13. You find yourself talking to the characters while you’re watching.

It’s not weird.

14. You incorporate show catchphrases into your life.

It’s your catchphrase now.

15. You feel lost when you’ve completed the show.

What now?

16. You think there’s no other show that matters.

And that you’ll never find something as good. Until you look through your suggestions and start the process all over again…

Have you binge-watched anything? What happens when you binge-watch a show? Tell us in the comments below!
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