28 Insane Questions Every Pretty Little Liars Fan Has At All Times

Last week, Pretty Little Liars came back with its sixth season and supposed “Summer of Answers.” Except we got virtually no answers. Viewers already knew that Charles (“A”) was a DiLaurentis, which Spencer revealed to the other liars. But other than that, we know nothing as usual. We are the Jon Snow of Rosewood. We walked away with more questions than answers.

Once again, Marlene King has rattled our brains and is making us question everything we thought we knew. Hopefully the following questions will be answered tonight, but I’m not holding my breath:

1. Who the heck is Sara Harvey?

We know she’s the other girl who went missing when Ali went missing, but what does she have to do with anything?

2. Who is Charles?

If he’s Jason’s twin, how does Ali not know who he is?

3. What happened in those rooms?

Seriously, that was disturbing. And how were they all screaming at the same time if there is only one Charles?

4. Why did he take their clothes off and put them in a creepy mock-hospital?

WHY? It’s not okay.

5. Where is Andrew?

Is he working with Charles or is Charles just trying to frame him?

6. Why are the police so dumb?

And how did Caleb, a mediocre hacker, Ezra, and Toby manage to formulate a legit plan and hide it?

7. Who was in the barrel?

It obviously wasn’t Mona.

8. Where is Jenna?

Is all of this still connected to The Jenna Thing?

9. What happened to Lucas?

Is Lucas Charles?

10. Is Melissa still YOLOing in London?

Does she know Charles?

11. Is Wren Charles?

He’s a doctor with money and the same age as Jason!

12. What is Cece doing?

Is Cece Charles?

13. Do the all of the parents feel guilty for being SO dumb?

Because they should. How do you not know your children are being literally stalked?

14. Is Mona going to freak out and turn bad again after this ordeal?

Because that seems likely. I still don’t understand how she was able to be “fine” again anyway.

15. How did Charles build this lair?

I mean, without any help, that’s a lot of insane carpentry and electric work. The place is huge!

16. Where did he get so much money?

A high-security bunker in the middle of nowhere must cost a lot so…

17. How did he order so many yellow tops?

Where were they delivered without any suspicions? Like did any store question why someone was buying so many yellow tops?

18. Why didn’t anyone notice that there was a gigantic fence with a bunker in the middle of a forest preservation?

Not a park ranger? Hunter? No one noticed this?

19. Where does Bethany Young tie into all of this?

Did she know Charles?

20. How come there are so many secrets?

Most of their secrets came out, and like, they’re not THAT bad.

21. Is Ali actually a good person now or nah?

I think no.

22. Why doesn’t everyone just move to different towns?

A can’t be literally everywhere at once, right?

23. Why are the girls always running in heels and dresses?

Seems impractical.

24. How is Hanna always so sassy even under extreme duress?

Hanna 4 president.

25. Why doesn’t anyone care that Ezra is still dating a teenager?

It’s not romantic, you guys. It’s creepy.

26. Did the police get Charles in the lair?

Or did he run away?

27. Why is Charles even doing this?

Like if he knew Ali when she was a baby, why is he going after her and all of her friends? What is the reason?

28. Am I Charles?

We’re ALL Charles!
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