20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have Two Best Friends

A few years ago, I was best friends with two girls. We were a cute little threesome who did absolutely everything together. At first, having two best friends was AMAZING. Then the drama started, and we all began to realize that three can be a very awkward number. Long story short – it didn’t end well. I’ll spare you the long details.

That experience made me convinced that three girls couldn’t be best friends – I thought it had to be two girls or a big group of best friends in order for the friendships to work. The dynamic of three best friends can be super difficult to handle! But I’ve recently gotten very close to two girls, and we have our own little threesome going on (that sounds weird), and it’s great. Sure, things can get a little awkward sometimes, but I don’t know where I would be without them, and I know my friendship with either of them wouldn’t be the same without the other one there.

If you have two best friends, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It gets complicated sometimes, but it’s also worth it. Here are 20 things you’ll only understand if you have two best friends: 


1. You rely on each friend for different things.


One of them might be more level-headed than the other, one might be more of a party-animal, etc. You all even each other out!


2. You all go through stages where you’re closer to one person than the other. 

the hills

This is when things can get awkward…


3. Sometimes you end up being the one who feels left out, which stinks.

what about me

And you have to remind yourself you’ve been on the other side, and things will get better.


4. Getting in an argument with one usually means they both gang up on you, or you and the other person gang up on them.



5. A lot of people probably think they’re really clever by calling you the “Three Musketeers.” 

mean girls

It’s cute, but like… boring.


6. When two of you hang out without the third person, it feels weirdly incomplete.


You either talk about her or text her the whole time.


7. When only two of you go out, everyone asks where the other person is.



8. If you’re doing something and can only invite one friend, it’s almost impossible to choose without starting drama.




9. When the two of them hang out without you for whatever reason, you feel so much fomo.

michael scott

Even when they’re not doing it to leave you out, you just miss them!


10. You have two people you can rely on instead of just one, which is a great feeling.

three amigos


11. But when you fight with both of them, you feel the WORST.

ima lone


12. When something is going on with one of them, you have someone to talk to about her who actually gets it.

rihanna katy

Is it ideal? No, but it happens.


13. Sometimes you feel sad and lonely and you wonder if they like each other more than they like you…



14 …And other times you know you’re crazy because OMG you guys all love each other so much.



15. Sometimes it’s hard to make plans because the three of you can’t agree on anything.



16. When asking for advice, you sometimes get conflicting responses, and it’s like, who should you listen to?!



17. Depending on the day, you either love or hate your group text convo.

grandmas dancing


18. Every once in a while, you get stressed that one of them will tell the other one what you said about them and your whole friendship will be ruined.



19. You have to make sure to tell your stories when you’re all together or you end up repeating everything.

three friends


20. You’ve shared this on both of their Facebook walls and you’ve all marveled at how well it describes your lives.

three best friends



Do you have two best friends? Which of these can you relate to the most? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Antonine Miller

    I have two best friends. One of them is my true best friend. She even told me that she liked me better than my other best friend. But lately, she’s been “excluding” me. And the third one is obsessed with her. I’m obviously a third wheel. I want to win my true best friend back, but I don’t think she likes me anymore. Does anyone else have this same predicament?