8 Stereotypes About Blondes You Never Knew Were Wrong

I’ve always found it strange that people judge others based on their hair color because it’s ridiculous. Every hair color is stereotyped, but I think blondes have it the worst. My boyfriend is very blonde, and bless his heart, he had to suffer through a bunch of blonde jokes from my dad.

If you’re blonde, you’ve probably had to deal with these stereotypes:

1. That they’re dumb

This stereotype itself is dumb. Hair color has absolutely no impact on someone’s level of intelligence. Some of my smartest friends are blonde, and I know plenty of dumb people with other hair colors.

2. That they’re promiscuous

Blondes in the media are usually seen as ~*bombshells*~ and are super sexy. They’re also portrayed as being promiscuous and “too sexually active,” which is very judgmental in itself. Also, regardless of hair color, you can have as much or as little sex as you want.

3. That they have more fun

Blondes can definitely have fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they want to focus on or that other people don’t have as much fun. It’s just not true.

4. That they’re icy

If a blonde isn’t portrayed as the fun, sexy one, she’s often portrayed as a total ice queen. Even Queen Elsa is literally an ice queen. I know plenty of icy redheads and plenty of super friendly blondes.

5. That they’re popular

Blonde girls in movies and TV are typically popular while the brunettes or redheads are seen as nerds or outcasts. There are a few exceptions, but not many. And in real life, your hair color has nothing to do with your popularity status.

6. That they don’t have common sense

This falls in line with the dumb blonde stereotype, but usually if a blonde is portrayed as book smart, she’s missing common sense. This is just another incorrect stereotype. I’m a brunette and will freely admit that sometimes I don’t have the best common sense.

7. That they’re superficial

Not all blondes are as vapid and self-absorbed as they seem in the media. Some blondes love hair and makeup and only care about their looks, but I mean, have you seen the Kardashians? They’re not blondes. Not naturally anyway. And they’re the most superficial people on the planet.

8. That they’re shopaholics

Your hair color doesn’t automatically make you a shopaholic. Lack of self control makes you a shopaholic.

Are you blonde? What stereotypes have you experienced? What other blonde stereotypes are there? Tell us in the comments below!
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