10 Excuses You Make For Not Going Out That No One Actually Believes

We’re all guilty of making lame excuses to get out of doing something we don’t feel like doing. Sometimes we plan something, and then the time comes and we just really don’t want to go through with it. Sometimes it’s because we never actually wanted to do it in the first place, and sometimes it’s because something better comes along. Or there isn’t a real reason – we’re just feeling lazy.

It’s totally fine to cancel plans, but when you’re going to do that, you’re better off being as honest as possible. You might think your excuse sounds legit, but oftentimes, it sounds like what it is – a lame excuse to blow someone off. I recently learned that the best way to get out of doing something is to be truthful! It’s okay to say, “I’m really sorry but I’m just totally worn out and not in the mood to go out. Can we reschedule?” If you’re canceling to do something else (which, really, try not to do, it’s mean), you should figure out a way to explain that – if you get caught, things get worse for you.

So, trying to think of something to tell your friend to explain why you can’t go out tonight? Here are 10 excuses you shouldn’t make, because no one believes you anyway. Just the truth!

1. Sorry, I just got your text!


It’s 2015, and your phone is always in your hand. Almost no one is going to believe that it took you five hours to read a text message.

2. I’m sooooo broke.


Sure, it can be legit. But the next time they see you spending money, they’re going to be like, “Huh, thought you were broke?” Also, there are ways around spending money.

3. I’m exhausted.


Mhm. Too exhausted just hang out? Okay.

4. I didn’t even see your text.


Again, it’s 2015. No one believes this unless you are my Dad.

5. OMG I totally forgot we had plans!



6. Ugh, I just started not feeling well.


How convenient! Side note: use this too often, and no one will ever take you seriously.

7. I’m so sorry, I meant to respond to you last night and I completely forgot and then I fell asleep.


So… cool.

8. *Silence*


That’s just not cool, man.

9. It’s raining. Ugh. 


Uh, yeah, and? Do you stay inside every time it rains?

10. I have sooo much work to do.


On a weekend night? You’re really going to stay home and do homework? Okay, sure.


Which of these do you find the least believable? Which do you disagree with? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Ria

    For me, it’s more like “My parents said no because I’ve already gone out once this month and having freedom is terrible in their opinion”

    I have friends, I just never get to see them.