10 Thoughts YouHave When You’re Talking To A Guy About Your Period

It’s not news that girls have periods. We get them every month for the majority of our lives. Periods are disgusting and they suck, but they also are normal and part of being a woman. Yet, somehow, we’re ashamed for having them. We’re conditioned to think that we shouldn’t talk about bleeding out of our vaginas.

And we’re especially not supposed to talk to guys about our periods. We should feel comfortable talking to boyfriends or guy friends about our periods, but you’ll likely have these 10 thoughts if you do:

1. How do I even have this conversation?

I mean, I have to be able to talk about this since it happens every month.

2. Does he even understand anything about periods?

He doesn’t.

3. This is the reason girls are scared to talk about periods.

Did he really just ask me if it just pours out?

4. Why is he freaking out about discussing my period when he’s fine with having sex while I’m on it?

Dude logic.

5. Would he ever buy me tampons if I needed them?


6. He knows his mom had her period, right?

Like women have them. It’s science.

7. Is he laughing about how serious my PMS is?

LOL you really don’t understand, buddy.

8. He will never get the pain of cramps.


9. If you can’t handle talking about a little blood, you need to get it together.

I do this every month. Get over it.

10. Does he think I’m gross now?

I’m allowed to think I’m gross. If he does, it’s donezo.
Have you ever talked about your period with a guy? What happened? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Cody Grenzke

    1) You clearly and obviously believe that every single male on the planet fits into the little boxes you’ve given us when it comes to periods. You think we’re idiots and you think we don’t know anything about them.

    Actually, a lot of us know about periods, contrary to your belief. And a lot of us don’t laugh about your PMS and a lot of us love our girlfriends so much that we’d be okay with going to get her stuff like tampons and pads, with some chocolate to feel better.

    2) We may never have period cramps, but we can do our best to empathize because you tell us how horrible they are.

    3) Us guys know our mothers had periods too. We would appreciate if you didn’t insult our intelligence and simply just tell us more about periods if you think we should know.

    4) I’m also allowed to think periods are gross: period blood is unsanitary and can carry bacteria that isn’t good for anyone. Oh, and it can smell bad. That’s for sure. Women all over the place think periods are also gross; my gender doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have an opinion about it.

    5) I hope you mature quite a bit, because you seriously sound immature. Grow up.