18 Things You Only Understand When You’ve Had The Same BFF Since Birth

They say that if you’re friends with someone for seven years, you’ll be friends for life. Wanna know something crazy? My two best friends and I have been friends for over twenty years. When we were babies, our moms met while they were taking us out for an evening stroller ride, realized that they all liked organic food, and that their kids were all around the same age, and we’ve been friends ever since. This evens out to: two decades, (roughly) 1,043 weeks, 7,304 days, or, if math makes you as queasy as me, just a super, super long time.

So, yeah. I guess I’m stuck with them for double forever, or something. When you’re friends with someone for that long, you definitely get to know them incredibly well…among other things. Here are 18 things you’ll only understand if you’ve had the same BFF since birth:

1. You *literally* had no choice in the matter of becoming best friends.


Either your moms were best friends and decided that you two had to be besties as well, or your moms met in, like, a baby yoga class or something and decided that they liked each other enough to stick together. And then there you were, friends for life.

2. You basically have two moms.


You don’t call them “Mrs.” You’re at least on a first-name basis with their mom. You’re comfortable enough to tell her who you like at school, but she also has no qualms about scolding you if you’re acting up in their household.

3. On that note, their siblings are your siblings.


You’re all just kind of…lumped in together. You always side with your BFF during fights, though.

4. The only thing that could ever really bring you down is when you tried to convince random strangers that you were sisters and they didn’t believe you.


And it still infuriates you that no one ever bought it.

5. You have some weird, violent moments from your youth. But you can’t be held accountable, because you don’t remember them!


Growing pains! My friend Brandy has a scar on her cheek from when I allegedly bit her when I was three. I don’t remember this, but apparently it was really dramatic. I also used to haze my other best friend, Shayna, by pushing her down the stairs whenever I got the chance. Oops.

6. There was probably a period when you were not exactly best friends.


Tensions inevitably tend to crop up, say,  10 or 11 years down the road. It always works out, though.

7. Your other friends at school are sometimes surprised that you’re friends.


Since your friendship was founded on circumstance, not similar interests, you probably ended up doing different things as time went on, and you might have ended up in different friend groups. This is great, though- you get double the friends now!

8. You have copious amounts of blackmail material.


You’ve definitely seen all of their weird phases- from emo to scene to super-preppy to that weird monthlong non-bathing vegan stint. That, combined with all of the weird people they’ve liked, means that you could end them. They could do it to you too, though, so you’ll keep quiet. For now.

9. You have a lifetime supply of MASH games.


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So many sleepovers. So much MASH.

 10. You are an absolute pro at multi-family vacations.


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Not a summer goes by where you don’t force your families to rent some enormous beach house together so you can have all of the benefits of a family vacay plus have your bestie be there.

11. You always have some sweet material for the perfect #tbt.


Should you use the picture of that time when you were seven and went mini-golfing in matching overalls? Or when you were three and playing in the snow together? Either way, it’s priceless.

12. You identify on a deeply spiritual level with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.


You are such a Lena and your bestie is totally a Carmen.

13. You have about 2505825 tagged photos together on Facebook.


Hey, when you’ve been hanging out for a lieftime, you know how to take some quality pictures together.

14. You’ve already promised them a position in your bridal party.


You might even have contract guaranteeing their position. It’s very important.

15. You know who your other famous-BFF counterparts are.


Who’s the Amy and who’s the Tina in your relationship? Who’s the Taylor, and who’s the Karlie? Who’s the Taylor and who’s the Lorde? Who’s the Taylor and who’s the Gigi? (Taylor Swift has a lot of friends).  Like your bridal party, it is imperative that you figure these things out. 

16. It’s weird if you aren’t texting, like, all the time.


Like, really. All the time.

17. No matter how many new friends you get, your lifelong bestie will always be the one who knows you best. 


#NoNewFriends #OkaySomeNewFriends #ButYouKnowWhatIMean

18. You both shared this post on each other’s Facebook wall…before you even got to the end of the list.


Great minds, am I right?

Have you had the same BFF forever? Did you relate to this list? Let us know below!

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