11 Crazy Sex Toys You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

While masturbation is totally normal, some people are still not into the idea of using vibrators or other sex toys to masturbate with. I’ve heard people say that only “sluts” or “porn stars” use vibrators, which is just not true. Vibrators and dildos are safe and healthy to masturbate with because that’s what they’re made for! They’re much safer than using some random thing you found in your house.

But there’s a wacky side to the sex toy industry too. I’m never going to judge someone’s fetishes (unless it’s criminal), but there are some sex toys out there that are just downright crazy. Here are just some of the most ridiculous ones:

Which of these is the craziest? What other weird and crazy sex toys have you seen? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Emma Passmore

    They are almost as weird as this > pediophilia.com

    Don’t worry. It is a play on words and not anything too bad. Just love dolls 🙂 They are expensive :0

  • disqus_UF3bI7QUCu

    The first one I would be curious to try cuz it’d be a bit interesting to have it in you while you’re whining and making sounds to see if you can hear it. Idk if that’s what can happen or what but it seems like just a one time try typa thing. Thinking of that movie, “Look Who’s Talking” makes it seem a bit more naughty.

  • Grey Sherr

    Whoa! I am impressed =) Especially about 2 and 3 picture. But still I prefer more classic models . Although among them there are also a lot of very unusual models http://www.toydemon.com/