6 Things You Should Never Wear This Summer

Okay, you’ve lived on this earth long enough to know that it gets hot in the summertime, yeah? Of course. So you do the practical thing like pack away your sweaters and boots and pull out the short shorts and sandals. Makes sense, but you should know that just because you’re not wearing heavy knits or thick boots, that doesn’t mean that you’re wearing the most practical clothes for warm weather. Listen, some of my favorite tops are super lightweight, but their material leaves me feeling sweaty and gross instantly.

If you’ve discovered the hard way that some of your favorite outfits leave you hot and stuffy on warm days–even if they’re lightweight–then you better avoid these six things this summer.



Oh, polyester. It's hidden in so many of our favorite clothes, like chiffon tops and satin dresses. It will also turn you into a puddle of sweat in two seconds. Yep, no matter how light and airy that polyester is, this durable and water-repellant fabric will hold all your sweat in as opposed to releasing it. It holds onto wetness and will make your pits feel icky. Wear with caution!



From workout wear, to leggings, to stockings, nylon dominates most of our stretchiest clothing. Nice, but yikes! This synthetic fabric will feel like hell when you work up a sweat, leading to uncomfortable chaffing and even rashes for those of you with sensitive skin.

That said, nylon is basically a must or swimwear, so don't worry on that end. Just make sure you're not wearing a wet nylon bathing suit all day. Your vag won't be pleased!



Rayon, also known as viscose, is tricky, because it looks and feels like a thin cotton. Cotton is great in hot weather because it's a breathable fiber. But rayon is just a lightweight wannabe cotton, though, and its synthetic nature can still hold in a lot of moisture when worn. Go with real cotton or linen as an airy alternative.



Silk isn't synthetic, and it isn't the worst thing to wear in warm weather, but it's not the best either. Silk really loves to cling to moisture! So if you're wearing silk and start getting sweaty, be prepared for your clothes to warp a bit.

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Okay, I love jellies and I'm excited to rock them all summer long. But damn, wearing them without socks can be a big mess, especially in hot weather. Your feet become super sweaty super quickly and there's nowhere for that sweat to escape. Plus, your feet will reek. Consider wearing jellies and other similar plastic shoes with cute socks so that your feet can breathe a little.

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You're probably thinking, "Duh, who wears wool in the winter?" Well, that's fair enough, but winter weather can turn on us at any moment. Here in NYC, it went from '80 degrees and sunny to 55 degrees and rainy over the course of 24 hours. Bummer. So yeah, you might be chilly sometime and consider wearing a wool sweater or socks, but know that while wool is more breathable than most synthetic fibers, it still isn't very practical to wear unless you're super cold. I mean, wool is stuffy enough to make you sweaty even on a cold winter day!

Even if you're in cold, rainy weather, avoid wool socks. Wool and water equals BLECH!

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What is your go-to, everyday summer outfit? Do you get super sweaty in the summer? Tell us in the comments!

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