16 Hilarious And Badass Yearbook Senior Quotes That Will Give You Life

As the end of the year approaches, seniors secretly look forward to one thing: checking out their yearbooks. Yes, yearbooks can be annoying and boring and maybe you make fun of them in front of all of your friends, but secretly… yearbooks are kind of great. They’ve become even better in the last few years, when high school students started making their senior quotes hilarious and badass and completely wonderful.

As many of you know, you can choose to put a quote under your picture in your yearbook – something that sums up your personality and your hopes and dreams all in one. Finding a good quote that stands out and doesn’t seem totally cliche and boring can be tricky, but apparently not for these students below, who clearly have been spending a lot of time on Tumblr. Some seniors are contributing the most flawless quotes to their yearbooks, and they’re too good not to share. Here are 16 hilarious senior quotes found in real yearbooks that will give you life:


1. This badass quote calling out unfair school dress codes in the best way possible: 




2. Oh, just the best feminist quote ever, no big deal.


3. This confidence-boosting quote that will make you laugh out loud:


4. This quote that speaks the truth:


5. The best Harry Potter yearbook reference you’ve ever seen:


6. This quote that understands the struggle we all deal with. 


7. And this guy who is like, “eff that, I AM Beyonce.” 


8. This perfect quote that is just the truth. 


9. This quote that hits the nail on the head


10. This quote about loving food:


11. And this one that understands your love of Taco Bell:



12. The one thing we’ll all remember from this year:



13. This amazing Leonardo Dicaprio reference:


14. This flawless quote about being single:


15. This quote that is worth looking at again in 20 years.


16. This quote that explains it all:


Which of these senior quotes is your favorite? What did I forget to include? What is your senior quote? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Each and every single one of these are too bad ass to dis. But miness would read “Predicted to drop out of city college in his 40’s just to experience it for the first time LBCC.EDU…But at least he was on the other campus: 40 year old virgin” #LiberalArtsCampus #collegedropout

  • Aliena Gracelyn B.

    these are totes awesome. the best. really love them. excellento. full on great and good as chips. five outta’ five. goodo guys. love ’em 🙂