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Pretty Little Liars returns to screens tonight with Season 6. It’s been dubbed the “Summer of Answers,” and hopefully we’ll actually get some answers this time. The Season 5 finale blew our minds and confused us even more than we thought possible. No one knows what’s going on, and according to Lucy Hale, the writers don’t even know!

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Lucy about her new partnership with Voices of Meningitis and Pretty Little Liars. I got some dirt on why things are so crazy in Rosewood, what’s in store for the future, and if those “Aria is A” rumors are true or not. Read on!

Why did you want to get involved with Voices of Meningitis?

“Yeah, Voices of Meningitis. I got involved with them earlier this year, and people have been asking ‘Lucy, why? Why did this speak to you? Why did you want to join this cause?’ And I grew up, my mom is a nurse, so I grew up in a household where I feel really lucky, I knew the importance of taking care of yourself. Any health-related question I had, my mom was there to answer and she instilled in me the importance of getting your shots and getting your vaccinations. So this campaign really spoke to me because I know that teens are the ones that are at risk for meningococcal meningitis, and I am aware of who my fanbase is, and that is primarily teens. And I wanted to, you know, a lot of teens aren’t educated about what this is. I mean I knew, for myself growing up, I knew what meningitis was. I knew that it was really dangerous, but i don’t think teens are aware of how potentially fatal this disease can be. But the whole thing we’re trying to do here is say that this is preventable, this is vaccine-preventable and so this year is all about the second vaccination so we launched the “Boost the Volume” campaign back in March, which is sort of where I was emotionally attached with it because I love music. I think that music is a great platform to spread the word about anything, especially for something like this. So we launched a high school a cappella group competition across the states where I challenged high school groups to submit videos. The underlying message of these performances was to raise awareness about meningitis and about the vaccine and what you can do to take care of yourself and prevent yourself from getting this disease. It was really fun to get to judge these videos and see how passionate the kids were about not only the music side of it, but also the whole campaign. It’s been great to get to travel around and speak at these schools and meet some of these teens and get to perform with the winning a cappella groups as well.”

Just reading about the campaign, it’s amazing. I know the competition involves putting together a medley of songs. What songs would you put in an inspiring medley for yourself?

“Oh for myself! My favorite is like ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ That’s a good one. The two songs all these high school groups did, or they mashed them up together, was ‘Good Life’ by One Republic and ‘Best Day Of My Life’ by American Authors so the songs are really relevant, really inspiring, and totally go along with the campaign and the message we’re trying to get out there.”

You know, I talk to my mom about everything. How important do you think it is to have that open dialogue with your parents, especially when you’re a teenager? You don’t want to talk to your parents about stuff, but it is a big deal.

“Yeah, I think that a great relationship with your parents is obviously very important. I mentioned earlier that my mom is a nurse, and so I always felt really open to talking to her about anything. Especially in a situation like this, it’s okay to reach out for help and go talk to, if your parents aren’t aware of it, this is also for the parents as well, go talk to your nurses, go talk to your school nurses, go talk to your doctors and ask about this vaccination and what you can do to help your teen get it. I think I was shocked to learn that the statistics for teens, there’s millions of teens that are under vaccinated. I couldn’t believe that it’s only about 30% of teens that are getting the first dose are getting the second vaccination so our whole goal is to raise that statistic because it’s heartbreaking first of all that anyone’s had to go through this or a family has had to suffer through this, but it is preventable with this vaccine and should be one less thing that you have to worry about.”

I want to jump a little bit onto the show, on Pretty Little Liars, the girls I feel like don’t talk to their parents. I mean it’s crazy! You know, I’ve written about it on the site a few times like “Where are the parents?!”

“A constant question for me too, like ‘Are their parents okay?'”

I know! If you were being tormented by an A in real life, what would you do?

“First of all, I’m like ‘Why don’t they just go to the police?’ Just go to the police, get a new cell phone number, or move! But that wouldn’t make for exciting television so the girls are doing none of those things. That’s what I love about this show is that it’s such a heightened reality, and it’s this little fantasy world. You know, like Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the show is based, just seems like the craziest town in the world. None of these people have common sense! Just go to the police! Share that information, but it’s a fun show to film. We have a good time.”

We’re huge fans! I’m always on the edge of my seat, texting my friends like “What’s gonna happen?” It’s awesome. I know there are a lot of fan theories about you potentially being “A” which I don’t think makes any sense, but do you want to be “A”?

“I think that after so many years of playing the good girl, I mean I would definitely be on board with that. I don’t know, I don’t event think the writers know at this point what direction they’re going in. But you know, I’m always on board for anything. Throw it my way, and I’ll try to do my best with it so it’ll be interesting to see, um, we still have a season and a half to shoot so who knows? It’s possible! Anything is possible. ”

I know your character has the coolest outfits. Is that similar to your style in real life or would you want to steal another character’s wardrobe?

“I think that Aria is so, she’s fascinating to me with the fashion choices she makes. She’s very different from Lucy and how I dress in real life, but I really respect that she doesn’t set rules and is so comfortable with who she is and just goes for it. Sometimes it’s a lot and sometimes it’s too much, but you can’t help but respect someone who is willing to jump over that line of what’s ‘normal,’ you know normal or not normal so it’s fun. I have fun with that whole part of the show.”

That’s something we really encourage our girls, you know, be yourself and do you. What advice would you give to any teens that are struggling with their confidence?

“I mean, you nailed it! Just be yourself. I think that there’s something so beautiful and special about being different, standing up for others, being kind. To me, those are the things that are the prettiest, you know, having a good heart and embracing your flaws. It’s 2015, like it’s okay to not be okay, and it’s okay to have a bad hair day. And it’s okay to not like everything about yourself, but it’s just a journey of growing and learning to respect yourself.

And just talking back to Voices of Meningitis and my advice to teens, especially to parents of teens, is seek out help. Go ask your doctors about this vaccination and really educate yourself on what meningitis is because like I said, it is scary, but it’s preventable. We’re just trying to help, hopefully, save a life and I hope this information reaches out to you in some way and I really hope you’re taking something from it all.”

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