25 Easy DIY Ways To Update Your Old Shorts For This Summer

Denim shorts are a classic wardrobe staple that will probably (hopefully) never go out of style. Denim cut-offs keep you cool on the hottest days while also looking keeping you American-chic (it’s a thing. I just made it up). They’re comfy, they’re versatile, and they’re super simple to wear. They’re the best!

The only negative thing about your favorite pair of shorts? After a few summers, they start to get seriously worn down. At first, it just adds to their charm, but after a while the endless sun, washing machine cycles, and outdoor elements break them down so they just look kind of old and crappy. They still fit amazing, they just don’t look amazing anymore.

What can you do when that happens? Don’t throw them out! There are so many ways to update your old shorts that will keep them looking fresh and new again that getting rid of them is just silly. If you need new shorts, you can even go buy a pair of cheap denim shorts and use these DIY projects to make them stand out. Want to wear the most unique shorts this summer? Here are 25 easy DIY shorts – you absolutely need to try at least one of these!


1. Use glue to decorate old shorts with sequins – the back pockets look especially cute. 


Source & Tutorial: The Berry



2. Use bleach to dip-dye your shorts so they have a cool, almost ombre effect going on. 


Source and Tutorial: Universal Doll



3. A super fast update for boring shorts is to scallop the edges. 


Source and Tutorial: Free People


4. Glue flat studs into the insides of pockets for an update that will definitely catch the eye. 


Source and Tutorial: Clones n Clowns


5. Use a pattern and fabric marker to make colorful shorts into a fun leopard print pattern. 


Source and Tutorial: Because I’m Addicted


6. Show your American pride with these easy DIY American flag shorts. 


Source and Tutorial: It’s Clementine 


7. Cut the shorts, then add a lace insert for a very pretty and feminine look. 


Source and Tutorial: Mr. Fly Moda



8. This is a great way to update shorts that look old, because they’ll be completely covered in lace. 


Source and Tutorial: Sincerely Kinsey


9. Use colorful embroidery to add a fun chevron print to your shorts. 


Source and Tutorial: Look What I Made


10. Make boring black shorts more interesting with some white stripes. 


Source and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


11. Bunch up your shorts in elastics, then use any color dye you want for a really colorful look. 


Source and Tutorial: Noa Noir


12. Opt for more authentic leopard print with this really cool tutorial. 


Source and Tutorial: Mr. Kate


13. An easy lace trim makes any kind of shorts look instantly more feminine. 


Source and Tutorial: PS I Made This


14. Do something really fun and make your shorts look like a watermelon. 


Source and Tutorial: DIY n Crafts


15. Not into denim? Try this scalloped shorts tutorial. 


Source and Tutorial: Chictopia


16. Learn how to make bleach gel to create really cool patterns on your shorts. 


Source and Tutorial: YouTube 


17. Go for a festival vibe with these bleached tribal shorts.


Source and Tutorial: Boat People


18. Go for just the right amount of distressed with these easy tips. 


Source and Tutorial: Pretty Quirky Pants


19. Do a quick update with a little sewing and make your back pockets look amazing. 


Source and Tutorial: Bead and Cord


20. Do an awesome bleached tye-dye look by following these instructions. 


Source and Tutorial: Sprinkles n Springs


21. Do the destroyed look the right way on your own: 


Source and Tutorial: Swell Mayde


22. Go for a super glam look with these sequins. 


Source and Tutorial: A Pair and A Spare


23. These studded shorts are so awesome it will look like you bought them that way! 


Source and Tutorial: Sparkle & Fuzz


24. I couldn’t resist including these crazy Grumpy cat shorts! 


Source and Tutorial: I Love To Create Blog


25. Want to be more subtle with your American pride? Go for this look: 


Source and Tutorial: Ms Beauty Geek


Which of these shorts tutorials is your favorite? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!

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