8 Stereotypes About Teenagers You Never Knew Were Wrong

Your generation gets a really bad rep, which is pretty unfortunate. When I was a teenager, we faced a similar struggle of constantly having to prove ourselves and show adults that we were competent. It really sucks when people look down on you just because of your age.

Here are some current teen stereotypes that are just wrong:

1. That they hate their parents

There are some teens who hate their parents, but it’s not the majority. There are plenty of adults who hate their parents. You might fight more with your mom and dad when you’re a teenager, but that doesn’t mean you hate them.

2. That they don’t care about school

Regardless of what grade you’re in, you will always find people who hate school and people who love it. This has nothing to do with being a teenager. It’s not a requirement to not care about school the second you hit 13. I feel like teenagers care about school now more than ever especially since the standards of getting into a good college keep getting higher.

3. That they’re stupid

Do you know how many smart teens there are? Teens today are SO intelligent, it’s crazy. There are teenagers out there spelling words that I didn’t even know existed and getting into all of the Ivy League schools.

4. That they only care about their lives online

The entire world lives online these days, not just teenagers.

5. That they don’t care about politics, current events, or other important issues

Teens these days are literally trying to change the world. Look at teenagers like Malala Yousafzai. Look at teenagers getting involved in social campaigns online. Look at teenagers getting involved in political campaigns all over the country. Teenagers care!

6. That they’re selfish

First of all, everyone is selfish, at least a little bit. This is not just a teenager thing.

7. That they’re promiscuous

I know with things like “hookup culture” and Snapchat and sexting that it seems like teens are having sex left and right. But they’re not. Young people are having less sex than the generations before them, and even if they were having lots of sex, it’s no one’s business!

8. That they’re disrespectful

With people like Justin Bieber creating debauchery wherever he goes, it might seem like teenagers are disrespectful to everyone. Yes, there are some disrespectful teens out there. But there are tons of disrespectful adults. Almost every teenager I’ve encountered lately has been so kind and respectful. I even got called “Ma’am.”

What other stereotypes about teenagers do you think are wrong? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Man

    Stupid article. You generalize things too much.

    • Fandomgoddess

      This article is literally about NOT generalizing teenagers. I feel like most adult just skipped the teenage years and went straight into adulthood after age of 12. No offense but you’re really stupid, sir.