11 Nail Decals You’ll Only Appreciate If You Have A Quirky Sense Of Style

If you’re anything like me, your nails are usually pretty unremarkable for most of the year. Despite my beautifully long nail beds–a woman giving me a manicure said that to me once, pretty cool–I really can’t be bothered to do my nails 90 percent of the time. That said, I love looking at cool nail art. I envy the precision that people put into it, especially since I can’t even paint my right hand without screwing up in a big way. Just recently I found myself fawning over negative space nail art, too. Maybe I’m slowly growing out of my apathy towards dazzling up my nails.

But what about nail decals?

If you’ve seen those cool nail stickers all over Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest and kind of sort of love the look of ’em, you’e not alone. They seem to be a really fun and easy way to jazz up even the most boring nail polish application. The best thing about them, though, is just how out there they can get. To see what I man, you need to check out these 11 nail decals .

I’m not talkin’ cute little polka dot, stripe or flower decals you’ve probably seen all over the place. Nah, more like nail decals of spooky ghosts, Mean Girls characters, pizza, and Beyonce. Oh, not to mention some hilarious Taylor Swift “Blank Space” decals. Let’s get weird and fawn over these nail decals that you’ll only appreciate if you have a quirky sense of style.


1. Queen Beyonce Nail Decals

beyonce nail decals 2

If you love Beyonce–AKA you’re a living, breathing human being–then there is no way you shouldn’t love these decals honoring Queen Bey. Like most decals, these would look best on top of a white or pastel polish. Make sure to add some clear polish over the decals after they’re applied. You can’t have Bey lookin’ dull.

Buy them at Emerging Thoughts for $11.


2. Mean Girls Inspired Waterslide Nail Decals

mean girls nail decals

We can all agree that Mean Girls is still one of–if not the–best teen movie of the new millenium, right? Right. If you can quote this movie like no other and celebrate October 3rd like it’s a national holiday, these decals are for you. Oh, by the way, “waterslide” just means that they can be applied with water!

Buy it on Etsy for $7.


3. Clueless Inspired Waterslide Nail Decals

clueless nail decals 2

Are you more of a Clueless girl than a Mean Girls girl? People might think you’re totally buggin’, but you’re not alone. Celebrate the ultimate ’90s teen movie in style with these Clueless nail decals, featuring outdated technology, Cher’s classic tartan skirt, and  other goodies. It looks awesome on top of a pastel pink nail as shown in the photo, but light blue, green, yellow, or purple would also look great.

Buy it on Etsy for $7.


4. Harry Potter Nail Decals

harry potter nail decals

It’s been a while since anything Harry Potter related came out, but us HP fans are still beyond obsessed with the series. Now that summer is approaching, this is the perfect time to start your annual reread of the series, so why not do it in style? These nail decals will make even the most chill chick nerd out, guaranteed.

Buy it on Etsy for $4.


5. Tay-Tay Nail Decals

taylor swift 1989 blank space nail decals

Oh. My. God. Whether you’re a Taylor Swift fan or not, you kind of sort of have to appreciate the snark involved with this “1989” nail decal set. Um, I’m pretty sure most of it is based on the “Blank Space” video. I mean, we have a crying Taylor Swift, horses, and golf clubs. These decals are too hilarious to pass up, seriously.

Buy them at Dolls Kill for $16.


6. Creepy Cute Nail Decals

creepy cute nail decals

Shout out to all the spooky girls, the weird girls, and my fellow morbid girls. These are the nail decals for you. You know that you should cop them if you peeped the ghosts and witches hat and didn’t immediately think of Halloween. Plus, these decals are definitely going to freak out your parents. More reason to rock ’em!

Buy them from Sara M Lyons for $8.


7. Totally ’90s Nail Decals

90s nail decals 2

If you’re a ’90s pop culture freak then you need to rock these decals ASAP. They include decals of Will Smith, the MTV logo (back when they still played videos), Angela from My So Called Life, a Game Boy, old school computer, Justin Timberlake’s ramen noodle hair and more. How can you resist ramen hair Justin?

Buy them at Emerging Thoughts for $11.



drake nail decals

DRAKE. DRAKE ON YOUR NAILS. WHAT COULD BE BETTER? Okay, plenty of things could be better than that, but still, this is pretty rad. Whether you’d rock them ironically or seriously, for $2.95 they’re definitely worth buying for yourself or your Drizzy obsessed friend. We all have one.

Buy them on Etsy for $2.95.


9. Dainty And Dirty Nail Decals

dainty and dirty nail decals

If you’re not so much into having super pop culture inspired nail decals, why not wear these fun ones instead. They’ve got a little bit of everything. It almost feels like the illustrated version of a teen girl’s journal. This set includes everything from hearts and magic 8 balls to condoms and vibrators. Hey, it’s not called dainty and dirty or nothing! So Gurl.com, right?

Buy them at Sara M Lyons for $8.


10. Itsy Bitsy Emoji Nail Decals

emoji nail decals

I mean, who doesn’t use emojis in this day and age? Even your parents probably figured out how to use them by now, yeah? Rock your favorites on the tip of your fingers with these emoji nail decals. Bonus points for applying the nail polish emoji on your nails. Nail-ception?

Buy them at Etsy for $9.


11. Girl Power Handpainted Nail Art Decals

girl power nail decals 2

Celebrate girl power and iconic female pop stars with this nail decal set. Includes illustrations of the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Beyond awesome.

Buy them at Etsy for $9.


Have you ever used nail decals? Do you think they’re great or not worth the effort? Tell us in the comments!

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