18 Things People In Long-Distance Relationships Are Sick Of Hearing

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for almost six months now, and even though it’s difficult, it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. It’s amazing how in love you can be with someone even when they’re hundreds of miles apart. Obviously, being apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend is not ideal, but there are positives to LDRs too. Yeah, I wish my boyfriend lived closer to me. For right now, though, things are working pretty well.

One major downside is the ridiculous things people say about my relationship, as if they have the authority to comment on my love life. While most people in my life are supportive, there are a bunch who think I’m crazy for dating long-distance.

1. You know long distance relationships, like, never work out right?

You know that every relationship, regardless of location, is going to fail or succeed?

2. I mean, statistically…

Well statistically, you’re a jerk for crapping on my relationship.

3. Why don’t you just date someone who lives close to you?

Why don’t you stop worrying about my dating life?

4. How serious is your relationship though if you don’t really see each other?

Pretty serious, thanks.

5. So… you’re exclusive?

Long-distance does not mean open.

6. How can you trust them?

Um, how can you trust your partner?

7. Aren’t you worried about them cheating on you?

Are you worried about being cheated on? Is that why you’re projecting?

8. You could probably cheat and they’d never know…

Why would I do that?

9. Wow, traveling is so expensive.

Yup. The sky is blue.

10. Do you have phone sex?

You need to know that because…?

11. Skype sex?

Please stop talking.

12. Are you going to move?

Also none of your business, but also not something I’m concerned with at the moment.

13. I could never do long distance.

Well, god thing you aren’t!

14. I did long distance, and it was horrible.

How encouraging.

15. I bet you’re so lonely.

Actually, I’m not, but thanks for the concern.

16. You should just be single.


17. I bet you’ll be sick of each other when you’re in the same place.

I’m so glad you can see into the future.

18. How long do you think you’re going to do this?

As long as my partner and I feel like it. Go away.

Are you in a long-distance relationship? What things are you sick of hearing? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Maya

    I’m in a long distance relationship right now and we will be making two years in July. I can honestly say that this article is so true. People don’t think before they say ignorant things, I swear. My boyfriend and I have a more steady and trusting relationship than half of the people have where I’m from.

  • Marissa Ricci

    I was in a long-distance relationship for three years straight before I moved in with him. While still apart, the things I often heard from other people were: “How can you be in a relationship with someone so far away? It makes no sense.” “It’s not even a real relationship, it’s fake.” and “Those three years don’t count.” I get that people are sometimes concerned and/or find it weird, but they don’t have to be so snobby and hurtful about it.

  • Nana

    Haha agree!!! my bf and I actually know more about each other than some people who are in a short distance relationship :p We use happycoupleapp and it helps us to discover new sides of each other despite the distance!