8 Things No One Tells You About Gel Manicures

I love getting my nails done, but I hate having my polish chip and peel off. Chipped nails ain’t a good look, and no one has the time to paint their nails every day. Gel manicures are nail polish’s long-lasting solution. The process involves painting your nails with several coats of gel polish, each of which are set using UV light. This results in a hard coat, similar to an acrylic nail but without the damage. You’re left with a strong, chip-resistant color that lasts for weeks.

Despite being a great beauty innovation, there are a lot of concerns about the safety of gel nails. I used to be skeptical of how safe gels were until I started getting them. I do get them fairly frequently now after doing my research, but just like anything else, moderation is key. If you’re considering gel nails, you need to read this first:

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