8 Reasons Plus Size Girls Should Love Their Stomachs

If there’s one insecurity the majority of plus size women I know have, it’s their stomach. I can relate. Mine bulges. It rolls. It has stretch marks. It’s definitely not flat. In the past, I’ve hated it for all of those things. But I’ve come to accept — no, celebrate — it as big and beautiful. It’s not always easy. And I don’t accept my stomach every day. But most of the time, I’m feelin’ my look! And you should, too. No matter your body size.

But it’s hard. The media tells us flat, not fat, is in. That big isn’t beautiful. That robust middles are meant to be hidden under shapewear that masks “flaws” — and also suffocate you to no end.

This week, we want to challenge those notions. I want you to challenge those notions. Let’s confront the biggest plus size fashion insecurity there is! Here’s 8 reasons you need to show your tummy some BIG love.

1. Your stretch marks aren’t ugly. 

I recently heard someone describing stretch marks as lightening bolts. That’s badass, not ugly.


2. Your visible belly lines don’t ruin your look.

At all.


3. And neither does your dimpled skin or rolls.

Learn to see the beauty in them. It’s there!


4. Even without suffocating shapers, you (and your stomach) will slay.

Rolls, lines, and dimples included.


5. And showing it off will look A-MAZING!

No matter your size, you can rock a crop top or a bikini. Yes, I’m serious.


6. Anyone who tells you otherwise (or stares judgingly!) has a narrow vision of beauty.

You should feel bad for them, not validate their toxic thoughts.


7. Your tummy is beautiful…



8. …and so are you.

Extra seriously.

Pro Tip: Need help practicing some body love? Look at all of the body diversity around you! Seriously, no two bodies look the same. Go somewhere really public and notice people’s physicality. We are all different. And that’s beautiful!

How do you plan to practice loving your tummy? Got any tips for other girls who need to give their stomachs some love? Let’s share encouragement and positivity in the comments below!


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