10 Eyeliner Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

Eyeliner is one of the trickier makeup products out there. Use too much, and you end up with raccoon eyes. Create uneven lines, and it looks like you were doing your makeup in the dark. Use the wrong product, and it smudges, smears, and creates these lovely little dark undereye circles. In short, it’s pretty annoying.

But when applied correctly, eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger, wider, and more alert. It can enhance the color of your eyes and make your whole face pop. The only problem is what I mentioned before – it’s easy to mess it up. Want to learn the foolproof way to apply eyeliner? Here are 10 eyeliner mistakes you never knew you were making, and how to fix them.

You're Lining Your Whole Eye

Mistake: You're putting eyeliner around your entire eye, on both upper and lower lids. This instantly makes your eyes look smaller and can overwhelm eyes that are already on the smaller side.

What To Do Instead: Apply eyeliner on the outer part of the upper lash line, avoiding the lower lash line entirely. This will instantly make your eyes look bigger and more awake. If you want to put something on your lower lid, do the waterline of the outer part of your lower lash line, but not the entire thing. It will look much more natural.

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There's A Gap That Shouldn't Be There

Mistake: You're leaving a gap between your lashes and your eyeliner. This is a really common mistake, because a lot of people don't get close enough to their lash line.

What To Do Instead: Try tightlining your eyes. Leaving a gap between your liner and your lashes looks a little odd and it becomes obvious that you're wearing eyeliner. When you tightline, not only does it look more natural, it also makes your lashes look longer. Hold the pencil flat along your lash line, and get as close as you possibly can.

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It's Not Sharp Enough

Mistake: You wait a few days or even over a week to sharpen your pencil, often only doing so when it gets down to the nub.

What To Do Instead: Regularly sharpen your pencil. Some people recommend sharpening it each time you use it. A sharpened point ensures more precise application and is much easier to work with.

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You're Putting Liquid Liner In The Wrong Spot

Mistake: You're using liquid liner as if it were pencil liner and applying it to your lower lash line.

What To Do Instead: Liquid eyeliner is bold and it's too much for the lower lash line. It also might smudge easier there. If you're going to put liner on your lower lash line, make sure it's pencil and not liquid.

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You're Pulling On Your Eyes

Mistake: When you apply eyeliner, you pull your eye area so that the surface is flat and "easier" to apply.

What To Do Instead: Don't pull your eye area! The skin around your eyes is super sensitive and it ages quickly, especially when you're pulling on it like that. It can change the way the skin around your eyes looks. Get used to applying eyeliner without pulling the skin flat by putting a mirror lower and looking down while applying.

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You're Using The Wrong Kind Of Liner

Mistake: You're sticking to one kind of eyeliner and never experimenting with different formulas.

What To Do Instead: Not all eyeliners are created equal. Pencil liner is the easiest to use, makes for the fastest application, and works great for a subtle, every day look. Gel liners are more glamorous and are better for a more dramatic makeup look. Liquid liner is best used when you're creating a wing or a cateye, and is a little bit more dramatic. It's also harder to apply because it requires a steady hand. Use different liners for different occasions.

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You're Curling Your Lashes At The Wrong Time

Mistake: You're applying eyeliner, then curling your lashes.

What To Do Instead: Curling your lashes after applying eyeliner removes the liner that's closest to your lashes, leaving that gap we were talking about earlier. Curl your lashes first, then let them settle and cool before applying eyeliner.

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You're Not Using Nude or White

Mistake: You apply black or brown eyeliner on your upper lash line and call it a day!

What To Do Instead: Take advantage of nude or white pencils in the waterline of your lower lash line, and in the inner corner of your eye. I prefer nude over white, as it looks much more natural, but white works too. Nude or white liner makes your eyes look bigger and more awake, and everyone should be using it.

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You're Not Preventing Smudges

Mistake: You're applying eyeliner, hoping for the best, and dealing with smudges as they happen.

What To Do Instead: Do a little prep work to make sure your liner doesn't smudge at all. Use eye makeup primer on your lids to keep makeup flawless. Once you apply eyeliner, use a tiny brush to dust powder in a matching shade over it to hold it in place.

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You're Using A Dry Pencil

Mistake: You're using an old pencil that has dried out because you think it's fine. It's not.

What To Do Instead: Dried out pencils hurt your eyes, pull at the skin, and leave skid marks. Make sure your pencil is creamy. If it's dry, you can always try heating it up with a lighter for a few seconds.

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Which of these eyeliner mistakes have you made? Which surprised you the most? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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10 makeup remover mistakes you never knew you were making

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