12 Early Signs Someone Is Actually A Terrible Person

Not everyone in this world can be awesome and amazing and lovely to be around. There are plenty of people out there who are huge jerks. It can be hard to avoid these terrible people, especially when they know how to hide how awful they are. Sometimes we become friends with or even date someone who ends up being the absolute worst. After months of misjudging them, only to see their true colors, we wonder how we never noticed their real personality before. We look back and wonder if we missed some crucial signs, or if their personality really did change out of nowhere.

In most cases, we did miss some signs that the person would end up being terrible. When we meet someone new and like something about them, it’s easy to overlook the bad things, or to just ignore them completely. Even the most jaded among us naturally want to look for the good in people. So we let things slide or we tell ourselves that they’re just having an off day… even if it’s not true. Want to avoid getting close to a jerk in the future? Here are 12 early signs that someone is actually a terrible person, even if they seem okay at first.

Which of these signs do you disagree with? What did I forget? What have you noticed in terrible people? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Jbro

    Good article. Would be nice to additionally have a suggestion on how to be more self-aware in order to thwart these behaviours. Surely people dont WANT to be mean.

  • Jack Wood

    I read this and now I know better how to look like a good person. See you around when you least expect it

    • Harry

      Nah, it’s ridiculously easy to get you creeps to out yourself. You aren’t intelligent enough to act original 😉

  • Seth Li Atreides

    -People who look at the world in black and white standards and try to force other people into their way of thinking via bullying them through logic what would emit self loathing from the person for things they do which would otherwise be innocuous – yet have been carefully laid out through a routine of mental gymnastics to paint your personality traits as villainous, or to make you a “bad person”… We call these kid of bad people “FASCISTS” and two whole world wars with MILLIONS of human lives lost were fought rigorously to PREVENT FASCISM…
    To stop fascists.
    Fascists like the people who wrote this.
    Not everyone represents the bad relationships that the author had to suffer through which is what always creates these stupid lists (a basic need to vent while projecting your issues and your self into everything in the world) – because weak minded people feel stronger when the strong minds around them sink to their level of weakness – and no better way to do that then to rile people up over your projecting your own personal unique subjective experiences and painting broad strokes of red over as many people as you can to justify your abuse.
    Grow the fuck up, and stop trying to make everyone as despicable and pathetic as you are – the world and everything in it contains more than one very specific shade of white and one very specific shade of black.
    Not all people who do things like think quickly enough to process what you have to say before changing the subject in stead of babbling (which is rude to begin with) without control on a topic – not all people like that are “bad people”.
    I could rip apart every other addition that isn’t obviously apt, like animal abusers – but even some of the ones people would think is obvious like “how they treat their parents” – maybe look at how their parents treat THEM. My mom is an abusive piece of shit – I never talk to her. But that doesn’t make me abusive nor neglectful – quite the opposite due to having learned from the mistakes of the shitty persona that raised me – I learned to NOT be that way. That makes me a better person than the poor one who raised me, and for no reason am I obligated to treat well an abuser, no matter what name-tag they wear.
    The world is not black and white.

    This was obviously written by a basic white bitch when I got to the post about hating people who know they are nice… um… that makes YOU a shitty person?
    What is wrong with that?
    Not everyone was raised in japan where you self deprecate in response to compliments, and not everyone lives a self loathing life and considers that acceptable.
    -And being mad at your friends for being right is like getting mad at Bill Nye for being a scientist. If you’re wrong, then stop being a little bitch about it and just drop it. Nobody should want to lower their standards for anyone – so stop trying to argue with people who simply know better and it won’t be a problem for you after you shut your god damn mouth and go take a few classes at your local college so your ass can keep up!
    Never ask someone to dumb themselves down – THAT is something a “bad person” would do.
    Looking at people with self confidence and a positive self outlook and making them feel bad for it is something a “bad person” would do.
    Vilifying someone for not wanting to be around parents who could have raped and beaten them makes you a VERY “bad person”.
    Putting on black-and white goggles of anti-color just to go around making anyone feel bad for situations you most likely don’t understand means you have no empathy or compassion, and that you ARE a “bad person”.

    Grow the fuck up.

    • Harry

      Sounds like you identify a little too closely with the traits on this list. Also, it’s adorable that you claim you’re not abusive in the middle of a long abusive diatribe against the author. Exactly the kind of thing a self-proclaimed “Nice Guy” does. It’s always hilarious when someone writes a list of warning signs like this and someone who fits the warning signs perfectly tries to argue against them – by using the very warning signs the author discussed, effectively proving the author right. You couldn’t have provided a better example of the kind of person the article describes if you tried. You ARE an abuser, dude. Thanks for outing yourself 😉

      • That was a really well written response

    • Midori

      Wow. You sound so similar to my ex boyfriend. I had to break up with him for being abusive to me. You’re using so much abusive and hurtful language. I sincerly hope you’ve seen a therapist and gotten help by now. Otherwise you’ll end up hurting so many people without realizing it.

    • Wow really well written with good examples. I kind of want to steal it.

    • Gemtoughy

      Wow, Seth sure likes to project himself doesn’t he. Way to fit the list, with your pathetic insults and whining. Misreading these rules (which are common traits that describe dickheads like you to a tee) and calling it fascism is quite an extreme leap to make in of itself.

  • Harry Mann

    I have an older sister who is like this. What is really reprehensible about it is the fact that she has always been clever enough to portray herself as a good girl, and someone that everyone in the family is supposed to be proud of and to feel respect towards. However, in her mind, and this is quite sad and well as very reprehensible, there is not enough room at the top for anyone else! Therefore, any success I have had, with anything, and she is there to pour on the outrage and criticism, in order to cheat me out of any sense of achievement. It is my weakness for finding this a sorrowful state of affairs. It is socially and psychologically healthier, and I would show myself greater respect if and when and where I call her out on her outrageous conduct. She is not the good person and the superior person she makes herself out to be; particularly when she attacks her own siblings out of a sense of rivalry, jealousy, and envy. What makes the matter all the worse is the fact that I used to suffer from depression, coming from such a dog eat dog family, and every time I would achieve some measure of success, which would help to lift me out of depression, one member of my family or another, if not one of my sisters, then my mother, would try their damnedest to do me some sort of injury; in their minds their is a gender war going on, but it is just their sick excuse to behave in an immoral and hateful fashion.

    • Seth Li Atreides

      You should have taken the time to go gain some understanding with your sister in stead of talking shit about her in public. You’re a shit brother, she’s not a shit sister.

  • Marissa Ricci

    Another good one for this list would be — People who are jealous of every good thing that happens to you.

    My ex best friend acted like that (as well as had almost every quality listed here). She and I became friends because we had similar interests and both dealt with school bullies. After about a year, she started acting less timid & sweet and more spiteful & rude. Needless to say, we’re not friends anymore.

    • Elsepel

      I have a friend who is all of the above except for the animal cruelty one and we became friends because we had similar interests but now she is really rude and horrible and half the time I think she’s just pretending to be my friend. Also, she is one of the popular ones now and I’m not so when she’s around the other popular people she always ignore me and pretend we were never close and I don’t know what to do and she pretty much always makes me upset and I don’t know whether I should carry on with our friendship or put an end to it

      • Marissa Ricci

        I think that you should ditch her. A true friend wouldn’t act that way.