10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Don’t Have A Mainstream Sense Of Style

I’ve always had a slightly offbeat sense of style. I mean, not that long ago in high school I was rocking bright neon tights with rainbow checkered skirts and weird graphic tees. I’m not quite wearing that now, but I am rocking pink jellies, ultra ’80s shoulder padded blouses, and and DIY denim jackets. While I’d like to think that my style has improved, it still has its roots in being a little weird, a little wacky, and a little rebellious.

There are so many different types of not-so-trendy types of style, but there are definitely a few commonalities between all of them. Here are 10 things you’ll understand if you don’t have a mainstream sense of style.

1. You’ve definitely experienced people staring at you because of your outfit.



2. As much as you like your wacky style, you look back at some of your outfits and seriously cringe. 

spirited away awkward


3. Your closet is such a weird combination of clothes.

rotating closet girls just want to have fun


4. Your parents have definitely given you some side eye about your style choices.

family traitor moonrise kingdom


5. You’re always the one in your group of friends who is swooning over the weirdest celebrity style choices.

lorde grammys gif


6. You’re not afraid to try something wacky with your hair.

solange afro


7. You definitely don’t pay attention to staying on trend. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


8. You hate when your outfit feels too boring. NEEDS MORE WEIRDNESS.

christina applegate married with children bored gum


9.  You’ve had to deal with someone straight up telling you that your outfit is weird.


10. You know that your style is a little funky, but there’s no shame in your weirdness game.

ghost world enid rebecca


Do you have a sense of style that makes people do a double take? Has anyone ever straight up called your clothing choices weird? Tell us in the comments!

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