Would You Rather: Masturbation Nightmares

People always say guys think about masturbation WAY too much. Well, ladies, from the comments and questions you all send our way, I think you all could give boys a run for that title!


You girls are constantly thinking about masturbating. And why not? It’s basically The Great American Pastime. Screw baseball!

Well, even though masturbation itself is really great, it can also get super awkward. Like really, really awkward. This week, we are showing you just how bad it can get. Just try to see if you can make it through this masturbation edition of Would You Rather!

nickle vs rebecca

dad or grandma

sex toys


Phew! So which was the hardest decision to make? What’s your biggest masturbation nightmare that happened IRL? Let’s chat it out in the comments below!

12 embarrassing questions about masturbation, answered

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