12 Reasons Wearing Heels Actually Sucks

The Cannes Film Festival is currently in the midst of a big controversy after several women claimed they weren’t allowed into screenings because they weren’t wearing heels. Oh, and some of those women had medical conditions preventing them from wearing heels, but Cannes didn’t care. The film festival legit banned flat shoes confirming that “it is obligatory for all women to wear high-heels to red-carpet screenings.” Um… what? I know dress codes are a thing, but this is absurd and super sexist.

People are protesting by wearing flats anyway and some men are wearing heels. Personally, I love wearing heels because they’re pretty, not because they’re comfortable. I certainly don’t like being told to wear them. Flats are way more comfortable and better for your feet. Seriously, heels are the worst:

1. You can’t really do anything when you’re wearing them:

Even if you’re good at walking in heels, you’re going to be slow.

2. You definitely can’t run away from anything:


3. If you start to wobble, you’re most likely going down:

Like 95% chance.

4. If the bottoms aren’t scuffed properly, you’ll fall:

That’s why you should never wear new shoes on a slick surface.

5. They give you blisters:

Especially if you don’t break them in, but you can get them even if you do.

6. They can cause serious foot injuries:

Also bunions and stuff.

7. And can make your toes look like this:

It’s called hammer toe. Look it up.

8. Wearing them feels like this:


9. They can also put severe strain on your knees and other joints:

Ankles too.

10. They’re expensive AF:

Women’s shoes are way more expensive then men’s shoes.

11. They can actually cause your body fatigue:

If you’ve ever spent a full day in heels, you probably felt tired for a few days.

12. Not wearing them is just better:

Take those shoes off!

Do you hate heels? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Jessica Roberts

    I love them and wear them all the time. I’ve not yet fallen, just a slight stumble. But, I’ve seen other people stumble/fall in flats.
    I guess if a person can’t wear them, they shouldn’t. I have seen many women who probably shouldn’t; it’s obvious when I see how they walk.